Basics of Learning Poker

Basics of Learning Poker

If you want to get good at driving a golf ball or juggling 3 balls my advice would be to simply to practice those actions a lot. Unlike most activities, poker is very hard to master simply by playing poker because poker doesn’t give immediate and clear feedback. Sometimes you can play a hand perfectly correct and still lose money, other times you can play a hand terribly and still win big. It’s not until several thousand or hundred thousand hands till your poker decisions become obviously profitable or not. For this reason, learning poker strategy is essential to being a profitable poker player.

The two words that will guide all your decisions during your journey of learning poker will be “tight” and “aggressive.” Playing tight means only playing the best hands. Loose players justify playing poor pocket cards because they want to have fun playing poker and folding often isn’t fun. Tight players on the other hand believe that making money playing poker is fun and know that folding average hands is the key to making money. Playing passive means a player is simply checking or calling frequently. Passive players don’t make any strategic moves in poker, rather they follow the lead of aggressive players. Aggressive players either bet, raise or fold but rarely call. It is much easier to let others take the lead, which is why so many unprofitable players do so, while playing aggressively means you have to make decisions. You just have to put yourself in a situation where you are just playing situs judi bola online terpercaya, all you have to do is to make wise decisions for you to be victorious.

Secondly, you must also respect position on the table. An early position player acts before a later position. In a 10 player game the first 4 players to act are in early position, the next 3 are in middle position and the final 3 are in late position. It is very important to recognize the substantial advantage later positions have in the game. The reason for this is simply a knowledge factor. Late position players can act knowing how the early position players played their hands while early position players have to act without knowing anything of the late position players hands. For this reason it is important that early position players play extra tight, their hands must be able to overcome the disadvantage of being in poor position. On the other hand late position players can take considerably more risks with their choice of hands – though still tight.

In the process to be a profitable poker player, the first step you take is learning the right hands to go into the game with, also known as pre-flop strategy. While simply learning proper preflop strategy will not make you the best player at the table it will, however, cover up the simplest mistakes made by rank beginners. Several online tables offer guidelines for preflop play. Commit these to memory. Once you can choose correct preflop hands you should start learning proper play on the flop. Fortunately this knowledge will make a breakeven player into a winning player. Do not get caught up in having a perfect preflop game, most of your edge in small stakes limit poker will be plays on the flop. And finally, from there learning turn and river play will tighten up your game.

Good Luck.


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