“Call Of The Dead”: New “Black Ops” Zombie Map

“Call Of The Dead”: New “Black Ops” Zombie Map

The makers of Call Of Duty have come out with a brand new zombie map that is a wonderful edition to zombie playing on Black Ops. This map has brand new characters, two brand new weapons, one new perk, and a new and unique style of game play. This map has plenty of exciting twists and turns that you will have to figure out on your own, that is if you want to live! Be ready for quite a few exciting Easter eggs as well, and an adventure around every corner.

Call Of The Dead features new characters whom are famed horror actors such as Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund. It also features the renowned horror movie director, George A. Romero. However, George Romero’s character is much different then the other characters, lets just say he keeps things very interesting. The two new weapons include a sniper, and a large wonder gun type of weapon are shown Judi Bola Terpercaya in the sequence of games which increases interest of the player towards the game. The new Sniper is great, at first you shoot a bullet at a zombie, like you would with a regular sniper, and after a few seconds it acts like a cross bow and explodes where ever you shot the bullet. I call the other new gun the humanizer, it is great to have if you are in a sticky situation because it turns the zombie you shoot at into a human, and the human will distract surrounding zombies for a few seconds. Call Of The Dead has every perk, plus one new one. While no one is 100% sure what this new perk does, most people seem to think that it either gives you double head shot points, or provides a steadier aim.

This fantastic map is very large, it is the largest zombie map in Black Ops. The map looks like an abandoned location in a cold antarctic like climate. There are two large wrecked boats, a big light house, abandoned, torn up buildings, several bridges and pathways, and plenty of open terrain. There are several good guns that you are available to purchase off the wall, you can also purchase frag grenades off of the wall as well. Of course there are mystery box’s on the map, like every other map has. This map has a pack a punch machine which tends to move around quite a bit. Don’t worry though, the light coming from the light house will point to where the pack a punch machine is located.

In this map the zombies look different and George A. Romero’s character is a gigantic, powerful, and very intimidating zombie. Some of the zombies on the map are very fast and will almost be able to run as fast as you. Unlike the other zombies on the map, if you try to shoot George it will worsen the situation. After you shoot George, he gets very angry and slams his large electrified hammer on the ground. When he does this it effects all of the players by distorting their vision. After he slams his hammer on the ground he runs after you and tries to swing his hammer at you, which you can imagine isn’t good. You may be thinking if he runs after you it will be no big deal. However George is no sloth, he is extremely fast. The best ways to avoid George from trying to attack you are to not shoot at him, or get too close to him. The good news is there is a way to calm George down once he is in this angry mood, you simply guide him to the water. There has been a rumor that you can kill George, however this rumor has not yet been validated.

You can purchase the Call Of The Dead map, along with 3 other great non zombie multiplayer maps for 1200 Microsoft points. Yes, the price tag is high, but it is definitely worth it! I have left out a few special things about the map that you will need to figure out your self. I don’t want to spoil all of the fun in finding out the special twists which this map has. Expect this map to be very hard at first, you will feel like you ‘suck’. No worries though, although this map is harder then Ascension, Five, or Kino, you will get used to it and progressively get better. I strongly recommend this map to anyone who enjoys a fantastic game of Zombies.


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