Casino Profile Of Harrah’s Las Vegas! Have A look

Casino Profile Of Harrah’s Las Vegas! Have A look

Starting July 28th, Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel and casino will be the host for the 10,000-dollar buy in World Series of Poker main event. This World Series is expecting more entrants then any other one in its 37-year history. There are estimates that there will be close to 8,000 participants in this year’s event. To accommodate for the expected large number of participants, “day one” of the tournament will be spread out over four days. Each day an expected 2,000 poker players will be dwindled down to 800. Not only will there be a huge amount of players, but the fans that follow their favorite players will be somewhere in the tens of thousands. If you were hoping for a room at Harrah’s Las Vegas between July 28th and August 10th, the dates of the main event, then you are doing just that, hoping. But, the following will give an overview of the hotel and casino if you do wish to visit Harrah’s at a more opportune time.

The first thing that you will notice about Harrah’s is its location. Harrah’s is positioned exactly in the middle of the strip. This is very convenient for all of its customers because it’s the same distance to everything. If you prefer not walk you can purchase a bus pass from the hotel lobby for five dollars that is good for 24 hours.

From Monday-Thursday you can expect to pay around 70 dollars for one of the 2,725 rooms. On the weekends these prices jump to about 150 dollars. If you are lucky enough to have a room during the World Series of Poker main event then you are probably paying around 240 dollars a night, the price you will pay for a room when any big event is in town. Some of the amenities of the room include a whirlpool and a mini bar. Also included in the hotel is a gym, but you will be charged in extra 20 dollars a day to use it. If you are hungry after arriving you can head downstairs and take your pick from one of the six restaurants located inside of Harrah’s.

At Harrah’s you can have you choice between Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill to The Penazzi Italian Ristorante. You can also choose from an Asian specialty restaurant, Ming’s Table, or The Range Steakhouse. All of the above restaurant choices have dress codes between dressy and casual. If you are in a hurry to hit the gaming floor and left your sports jacket at home or in your room, you can choose to eat at Flavors, which is a very expansive buffet. Here you will find a wide selection of foods from seafood to Chinese, and you can be in and out of there quicker than the time it will take you to win a slot machine jackpot.

Speaking of those slot machines, there are more than 1,200 of them spread out over the 79,300 square feet of gaming area Harrah’s has to offer. The Harrah’s owned casinos throughout America are famous for there penny slot machines, and they do not let you down in Las Vegas either. Also, if you were hoping to wager a little more than a penny, you can place slot machines wagers all the way up to 500 dollars.

Of course, if slot machines are not your thing then you can play one of the other table games spread out throughout the casino. Among the games are casino favorites such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. They also have some of the not so traditional games such as Pai Gow and Caribbean poker, and Let it ride. Most of these tables have a minimum of five dollars up to a maximum of 500 a bet.

Coming up at the end of July, the poker room will be the main feature of the hotel. When Harrah’s is not hosting WSOP events, they generally have about 20 tables of poker going. Here you can find limits ranging from 3/6-limit hold’em all the way up to 10/20 no limit. They also offer lower limit Omaha and stud games. Upon special request you can get permission from the poker room manager to open up a higher limit table, a request they will probably hear quite a bit as the WSOP rolls into town. As an added bonus you can have food brought to you, free of charge, while playing at the tables. There are also 15 big screen TV’s located in the poker room, so if you place a bet in the adjoining sports book you can wait on the result right from your chair in the poker room.

If sports betting is indeed your thing, then you will find yourself in heaven inside the sports book Harrah’s has to offer the games of situs casino online which has variety of bet sequences with proper detailing of ratios for better gameplay. They have 55 televisions to choose from, showing sporting events from all across the world. If you find yourself hungry during the event you wagered on, you can walk right over to the Winning Streaks bar and grill. In the restaurant, which is connected to the sports book, they have an additional 14 televisions so you never have to take your eyes off the game. Also, right above the televisions are scrolling odds that are updated continually so you can prepare to make your next bet over a juicy steak and imported beer.

Harrah’s Las Vegas also has nightly shows and an improv comedy club that you can attend to blow off some steam after a long day at the tables. Harrah’s offers everything Las Vegas has to offer. Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel and casino truly is in the middle of everything.


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