Gambling: Genetic Tendencies or Learned Behaviour?

Gambling: Genetic Tendencies or Learned Behaviour?

Many people use gambling as a form of entertainment as they play poker online at 토토사이트 or as they visit offline casinos, and for those, the ability to stop is there, for a select few though, gambling becomes a major issue. Problem gambling disrupts your daily life, leading to financial hardships and problems in relationships. Millions of people are affected by this disorder and often it goes untreated even when the person seeks therapy for other problems. One of the most harmful forms of gambling is Pathological gambler.

Pathological gambler traits: A person who gambles longer than they intended, gambled away their last dollar, used the money for bills and daily life to gamble, often they try and stop but with little success. This causes depression to rise and the person to feel an uncontrollable urge to try and win back their losses. Their financial obligations are in turmoil due to gambling addiction. If you know someone like this before everything in their life is destroyed you have to find a way to perform an intervention, to get their life back on track.

There is a misconception about gamblers, they are not weak-minded individuals, and most people perceive them to be very strong in their lives and career. Often times this is true, what causes someone prone to gambling to be unable to stop are; problems at home, job stresses, relationship problems. These things all play a key role in a gambler gambling away their last dollar.

Take, for instance, a woman that has become an empty nester, enjoying the peace and serenity of her home and the ability to come home from work and simply relax by herself. Now she is known to gamble however it was just a recreational past time from bingo to playing a few lotto cards and sometimes dropping a few coins into a slot machine. Now, her home is disrupted by a child moving back home and the unsuccessful attempts at maintaining a solid lifestyle. Suddenly the pressure to take care of another person is weighed down on her shoulders. She suddenly has this urge to try to make everything right in the world, so the gambling starts up again. Coin after the coin is dropped into the machine hoping for the bells and whistles to sound off that she has won. But, those alerts do not come, so she continues to trudge ahead dropping more money into the machine until the very last dollar is spent. Walking away from the incident broke, a complete paycheck lost into a machine.

The outcome of all this is rather simple, bills will go unpaid, car payment, house payment, and basic meal allowances lost. Now, there are more problems everything is closing in around this person the feeling of anguish becoming more overwhelming than before the money was lost.

Most people would simply say, well stop gambling control yourself, do not go to where you are weak, do not play bingo, cards, or slots. This is easier said than done, because it’s not just a need to win money, the urge of making things better now is at the forefront of this individual’s mind. All the individual can think about is how to win back the money, how to get caught up on all her bills. The realization, although merely fantasy is to go back and attempt to win back the money that was lost. Even though, we know this is not possible and there are no guarantees when it comes to gambling, horse betting, slots, or bingo cards. In the affected person’s mind though, they feel lucky from day to day even when they are losing in their minds they hear this little voice that urges them on. Gamblers have a huge hill to climb, one that takes a lot of effort the same as any other form of addiction.

It is not something that is merely turned off and on. Gamblers have to fight the battle and rethink how they do things. If their path home leads them past the casino, then they have to take a different route home. The temptations have to be erased, almost the same for someone that has a food addiction. It comes down to learning new orders, disbursing them properly and evenly.

A gambler is not born, but the tendencies towards addiction are bred into a person. Addictions are engraved in your mind before you are born, so when it comes to addiction you have to reconstruct your thought process towards gambling, drinking, drugs, and other addictions in order to manage them. Often times people say well just stop doing destructive behavior. If this were as easily done as said then there would be fewer addictions. The fact of the matter is this; just like you maybe you do not have the genetic tendency for addiction, so this is possible inside of you. However, a person born with addictive markers will have a longer and harder struggle to manage addictions regardless of what those addictions are.

Retraining the thought pattern through counseling is the only true form of resolution. Even this has its up and downs with someone suffering from addiction. There are no easy answers and there will be moments where the person falls off the wagon and has to dust themselves off to get back on. However, the more negatively their family and friends react the more the person will be prone to gambling. It is not something you will ever understand unless you have addictive behavior patterns yourself. The individual has to be willing to stop and have the strength to go through counseling and admit to the problem. Otherwise, it will only be another failed attempt at stopping.


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