Grave Review of Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas

Grave Review of Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas

Monte Carlo is a fairly well-respected resort on the Las Vegas Strip. It holds one of the prime locations in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. While it may look great from the outside, I have personally found a different picture on the inside. That is why I think buktiqq is a much better alternative to Monte Carlo Casino that offers different poker games and you even get lucrative bonuses as you start playing poker there. 

If you stay at Monte Carlo during the week, you will pay an average of about $125 a night. If you go on the weekend, you will be charged an average of about $225 a night.

The goal of the resort is to give you a sense of European luxury without traveling out of the country. The outside is a marvel to behold. The Greek-inspired statues and beautiful French fountain guide you to the Italian modeled doors that make up the main entrance.

If you are staying here, you will find that check-in is very quick. I was able to ask for a room with a view of the strip and the pool with it charging any extra.

We had been excited to stay at Monte Carlo because we had played here a lot during our last stay in Las Vegas. Once we arrived at the room, our disappointment with the facility began.

The room was very stuffy when we arrived. While this is common for most hotels, it is not expected when going to Vegas. Rooms have a separate type of circulation system in Sin City than anywhere else.

I noticed that there was a letter on the desk that was addressed to me and marked as being urgent. I opened it to find that it was from the hotel. They stated that the power would be shut off for our section of the hotel from about 2:00 am to 2:30 am. The letter explained that if you run your air throughout the day, you would be fine by the time the power was shut off.

I called down to the front desk to inquire about this. They stated that the power grid had to be rest once a year. I reminded them that we were staying there in the middle of July and that it was supposed to be 85 degrees that night. She apologized and said that they were sorry for any inconvenience. For those of you who are not familiar with Vegas, the average temperature in July is over 100 degrees.

We then began to unpack, and I decided to take a look at the bathroom. None of the lights in the bathroom worked. I had to use my own flashlight to look around. The tile was grungy, and there was a large crack in the marble floor that you had to watch out for or you would trip. I let the front desk know, but they refused to move me to another room.

Again, this is not something that I would expect to see in Las Vegas. Especially with the fact that I was supposed to be staying at a luxury hotel.

We contacted our friend that was with us on the trip, and she had a worse story than ours. Her tub was lined with a film of mold all the way around. There was mold on the walls, and ceiling of the shower as well. The front desk informed her that she could not be moved to another room, either.

We had paid the casino directly for our rooms. I would have understood this if we had gotten the room through Priceline, Travelocity, or another company. We realized at this point that we were dealing with a hotel that did not care about its patrons.

The only restaurant that we ate at while we were there was the Brew Pub. B.P.s is rated as one of the top microbreweries in Nevada. It would be hard for us to give a decent review because of the fact that two of the three of us got food poisoning at their facility.

That evening, I returned to the room early and was greeted by the power going off at 1 am, and not coming back on until 6 am. I had never sweat so much in my life.

The casino, itself seems to be the only thing that the resort is interested in. The casino is fairly spacious and has a pretty good circulation system. The drinks come quickly and are above average in strength.

I did stop by to see a few of the free shows but was disappointed there as well. While watching these singers, all I could think about was the people that we love to laugh at on American Idol. The ones who think that they have talent, yet have none.

All in all, I will never stay at Monte Carlo again. Nor will I ever suggest that anyone else stays there, either.


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