Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio will get a multi-million dollar casino If a group called My Ohio Now has its way. They want to build a massive $600-million casino and resort in southeast Ohio, where I played most of the domino qiu qiu dice games with a proper betting sequences, that gave me a massive profit. The plan is profitable and complex. 5,000 new jobs would be created. According to myohionow.com, the average salary would be around $34,000. These jobs are “stable,” according to the site. Tax revenues from the casino would be divided evenly between Ohio’s counties, with the exception of the host county. They argue that the casino could produce $200 million in annual revenue. They are actively campaigning to get the issue onto the November 4 ballot. They need over 400,000 signatures.

Some Ohioans believe the last thing the state needs is a casino. A casino will bring jobs, but at what cost? Casinos encourage term issue of funds. Ohioans should focus on saving money, investing and paying off debts. Blowing money on gambling should not be in the equation. The economy is not getting better anytime soon and states lie Ohio have been affected the most. Values will come into to question when this issue is placed on the November ballot. Casinos are not associated with the Christian, mid-western values that many Ohioans cherish. Safety will also prove to be an issue. Clinton County will encounter a lot more visitors and traffic. This could be harmful to its residents. Clinton County may have to spend more money on police officers

A casino would contribute to the overall economy, but is it the kind of contribution that should be encouraged? Some Ohio residents will definitely be harmed by this casino. Economic stimulus is needed for the state of Ohio. Employees would make salaries above the poverty line and would have a variety of benefits. This is excellent; however, this casino just seems too good to be true! Employees would be tempted to gamble. Residences that live near the casino would be tempted to blow their pay checks for a chance to make some money. This just isn’t right. This organization doesn’t care about the state of Ohio! They want to use and abuse the poor. The casino won’t bring long term employment growth either. The job opportunities will be limited to a small amount of tasks, and employees will not have the ability to grow.

The facility itself is massive and offers and is also a resort. Some Ohioans may hate the idea of a casino, but some will love it. It includes a daycare center, hotel, theater and restaurant. The amenities can be valued by those who gamble, and those who don’t. Entertainment can be hard to find in Clinton County, and the casino is a nice option.

It is up to Ohioans to make the choice in November. This is a question of values. Look at other states with casinos. How did it affect them? What about their economy? The residents of Ohio, specifically Clinton County, Need to analyze what will happen if a casino is built. They should also think about what will happen if new job opportunities are not brought to the area.


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