Runescape Cooking Guide – Free Fish = Free Exp = Millions of Gold

Runescape Cooking Guide – Free Fish = Free Exp = Millions of Gold

I was working on my cooking level today and the worst thing possible happened. I ran out of lobsters to cook!!! My purchase was taking some time at the Grand Exchange so I decided to go catch my own fish. I grabbed my lobster pot, hopped on a boat, and walked over to the docks in Karamja. Of course, there are bots here, but it’s fishing so it’s ok. After a few minutes, I learned it’s better than OK, the bots are fantastic. Moreover, while I was not playing Runescape I would play Poker PKV that helped me in improving my critical thinking that improved my management skills as well. 

If you don’t know about Stiles, learn about him. Stiles will take your cooked or uncooked fish and note them for you. If you aren’t familiar with noting items, it works as follows. You catch a load of 27 lobsters and have a full inventory. Normally you’d walk to a bank, deposit, head back, and fish again. Noting takes out the need to walk to the bank, and Stiles is closer than a bank in Karamja. You take those 27 lobsters and he turns it into a nice stackable item in your inventory. Those 27 slots are now one slot with 27 noted lobsters. As you note more fish they just keep stacking so you could have a stack of 5000 noted lobsters, all in one inventory slot. Deposit them at a bank when you’re all done and they are just like normal lobsters.

So back to cooking. I noticed lots of people power fish at Karamoja. This means they fish a load of lobsters, tuna, or swordfish and just drop them. This lets them skip the process of walking to Stiles to the bank and gives them faster exp. To you, it means free fish. Pick up the fish, starting with the most expensive. Grab the swordfish, then the lobsters, then the tuna. Walk to stiles to get them noted and head back. When you return there will be more fish on the ground.

If you’re like me you aren’t a tuna fan. Sure they give good cooking exp, but I’d rather have lobsters and swords in my inventory since they are more money. This is where cooking comes in. Remember, stiles notes cooked fish as well. Bring your tinder box and a hatchet so you can start a fire on the docks. There is always tuna to grab, but lobster and swordfish might take a minute or two to show up. While you wait, grab the tuna, cook it, then drop it. You are getting good cooking exp without having to walk or buy anything. You can even cook the lobster and swordfish right there, drop the burnt and just fill up with cooked fish. Stiles will note them and you are all set.

You can get thousands of fish and loads of experience this way. A bit slower, but just as busy, is the barbarian village. People drop the salmon and trout so you could pick it up, cook, and bank in edgeville. Don’t let those resources go to waste when they are begging for you to take them.


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