So You Hate Campers?

So You Hate Campers?

Call of Duty players: So you say you hate campers?

I’ll bet, in actual battlefield situations, that campers are hated, too. “I’ll wish that sniper would just come out of there and run around like a fool so we would have a chance against him.”

Yeah. Anyways…

Everyone camps to some extent, whether or not he or she will admit it. Yeah, there are players who will run around with Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando and just knife you the whole game, but for the most part, everyone incorporates a little camping into his or her strategy.

For instance, you have your guys who basically snipe all the time. Some guys snipe so much that they have to snipe on small maps like Rust. No matter where you are if you are going to snipe, don’t you have to camp? Isn’t that the definition of “sniping”? So if you’re sniping, plant some claymores, settle in, pitch a tent, and maybe even build a fire and roast marshmallows, because you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do!

Additionally, there are some game modes where you have to “defend the objective.” For instance, if your team has a 2-1 flag advantage in Domination, isn’t it smart to try to defend those objectives by camping close by them? Of course, you have your players who camp on Domination and just try to get kills; they won’t leave their nice, warm campfire to even try to get an objective. Those guys, to me, aren’t campers. They’re idiots. (Of course, if you can camp long enough to get a tactical nuke and end the game, then it’s hard to argue with the strategy.)

Finally, the best reason to camp (at least a little) is to kill the players who are, indeed, just running around like idiots, or even those who are camping and killing you and your team. It’s hard to resist sitting back and picking off guys who are so predictable that they run to the same spots every time. Or maybe you like to kill other campers. You find a guy camping somewhere who is just picking everyone off, and you go to a nice, safe spot across the map and shoot him in the head. It’s satisfying, indeed.

I’m not advocating that one should camp in the same spot and play out an entire match. That’s pretty boring, and if you stay there long enough, you probably aren’t going to build much of a kill streak. You kill someone from the same spot enough times, then he or she is coming back for you. But camping to get a couple or three kills and moving on is simply a smart strategy.

Most of the people who whine about campers are usually just morons who don’t know how to play in the first place. Calling an entire team “stupid campers” after a loss in Team Deathmatch is just admitting that you aren’t very good and that you got outplayed.

So, if you’re whining about campers and camping, just shut up… and go kill them! It’s pretty simple! And if you are just tired of COD completely then you can try free slots real money in Indonesia which is a really engaging slot game where you can even earn money with your skills.


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