Successful Online Gambling Strategy

Successful Online Gambling Strategy

There are a lot of online gambling strategies online however I’m willing to share one that I find always works for me.


Online gambling strategy at TopCasinoPayouts. My name is Gary, I am one of the exclusive online gambling reviewers here at TopCasinoPayouts. I make wining online casino strategies. I’ve been gambling online for 7 years, and for the last 2 years I have been a professional gambler gambling and enjoying life with my new found job.

There are a lot of online gambling strategies online however I’m willing to share one that I find always works for me.

I was asked by TopCasinoPayouts to share a method on how I became such a pro. There are a lot of online gambling strategies online, however I’m willing to share an online gambling strategy with an 80% success rate.

The strategy is called Casino bonus hunting this online casino strategy is in short seeking the best casino bonuses available online and then taking major advantage of them.

This method was very successful in the early days of my casino gambling days however now casinos have gotten tipped off that there were players abusing the bonuses and the casinos were losing too much money. There are many variants of domino qq games. You need t find the best domino qq online that you have mastered in winning and find it easier to win.

Once you are aware of the gameplay then you become a professional and no one canbeat you out. To stop this happening many online casinos now have a specific wagering requirement (the bonuses have to be gambled a certain amount of times before eligible for payout) and some of these wagering requirements are awful for the player with 40+ times the bonus has to be gambled. Let give you an example of this to help you understand better.

100% Online Casino Match deposit Bonus.

So lets say you have a 100% $500 deposit match bonus. Terms and conditions show that it turns out it has a 35x play-through requirement. Which means you need to wager the deposit and bonus amount 35 times.

You have deposited $500 and so now have $1000 to play with. Before you are able to withdraw any amount of your winnings you must place a total of 35 (wagering requirement) x $1000

($500 deposited amount and $500 bonus amount) worth of bets.

So in total you’ll need to wager and play with $35,000 before you can withdraw any of your winnings. Think it’s possible to beat these odds? Theres a very slim chance. But don’t worry I’m going to share a tip that’ll get you much better odds.


All casinos games have different Play-through requirements so if you want to be a bonus hunter and win large amount of money online you need to find the online casino game which requires the least amount of wagering before payout.

Also the wagering requirements differ from each game, Slots count 25% in most casinos towards the wagering requirement as opposed to BlackJack at 10%. So that means online slots are a much better option than regular casino games in this instance. The wagering requirement for online slots have higher wagering limitation which means more of the wagers you place with the bonus will count towards the low play through requirement. At a 25% wagering requirement you’ll only have to wager $26,250 much higher odds and very easy to do before you can withdraw.

Using the online slots and the best online bonuses I was able to play through with my 35$ deposit to withdraw 1020$ in a 24 hour period. Visit the BEST SLOTS page to find out the best online bonuses where you are and become a professional gambler like me!


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