Terran Attack Strategies For Starcraft 2

Terran Attack Strategies For Starcraft 2


The Terrans are the human race in SC2, and also the most defensive race in the game. Even though the Terran race is the focus of the Single Player mode in SC2: Wings of Liberty, many of the strongest units featured in the single player campaign are not available in multiplayer mode in order to keep the gameplay even. When the upcoming expansion packs for the Zerg (Heart of the Swarm) and Protoss (Legacy of the Void) are released, there is an expectation that the strongest units will be available in multiplayer. Terran’s are a great race for novices in the multiplayer game. Terran’s have numerous options for defending as well as winning battles – they are the most adaptable species in SC2.

One of their best abilities is the ability to relocate the command centers to a different area as the game continues, as well as all the units that are within it. Granted this could be a more helpful power if the maps were larger, but can still be very helpful if the relocation is used at the right time.

Overall Strategies

Beginning Terran’s generally turtle to defend themselves against cheese attacks. Make sure to make use of speedy units like Reapers and Hellions to amplify your reach as much as possible, otherwise soon your command center will be overrun no matter how strong your defense is.

Make sure to spy and harass your foe while upgrading your technology, economy, and base. Terran Scouting Strategies has the best tactics for scouting and harassing your enemy. A lot of people underestimate the SCV unit – they are excellent defensive units and are also extremely helful while attacking. SCV units can repair other machine units during combat and even can construct bunkers and turrets. It’s strategically sound to have several SCV units on the side in order to attack with them – they can turn a near loss into victory.

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Marines  amp; Hellions

A good cheese strategy for early game offensives is to spawn Hellion and Marines together. If sent out early, Marines and Hellions can demolish most units that the enemy can create early in the battle. However, if you are not quick enough and permit your opponent to build up their technology then this is not a winning technique.


One more good beginning to mid game strategy is to initially construct Marines and Marauders. To perform this tactic well, be certain to spawn Marines as early as possible and to fix them before they die. Make certain to pull out units that are nearly dead so you can let them be fixed, instead of having to spawn new ones. The Zerg will have an extremely hard time opposing this strategy. Marauders are slow, strong soldiers that are difficult to kill|, and can slow attacking troops. Marines can attack both air and land armies and are very strong when there are a lot of them, but can be very easy to take out (especially from behind). Start to supply Medivacs as the battle continues. This starting game attack is extremely tough to defend against.

Banshee Rush

The last excellent rush attack Terran’s can use is the Banshee Rush. Basically, the tactic is to produce Banshee’s as speedily and early as you can and utilize them to kill enemy troops. You need to begin this tactic by quickly building a refinery and then concentrating on all the technology required to develop Banshees. This strategy will be a failure if the opposing player discovers it, so make certain not to get spied on. However, if you can keep the strategy hidden, maybe by initiating a decoy strategy, then you will have a simple time, especially against a surprised Zerg enemy.

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