Texas Holdem Poker Guide-Playing Early Position in a “Sit and Go”

Texas Holdem Poker Guide-Playing Early Position in a “Sit and Go”

Texas Holdem is the game of patience, and you will hear this time after time from me. In a previous article, I talked about the early stages of a “sit and go,” and this article I will teach you how to play early position, in detail, in the early stages of a “sit and go.” This can be quite complex for beginners which is why you should learn more about the tips and tricks that you can use during the game on https://koinqq.com/.

When playing early position, we are talking about the first three players to act, after the big blind. Early position in a “sit and go” should rarely be played, and the reason I say this, well, you need a monster hand. Remember you are playing to reach top three, not building a chip stack to compete in a tournament. There are plethora strategies other players will preach, but I’m giving you the low down of what works, and this applies to mostly online poker; however, they do work for brick and mortar play.

All right, early position plays, let’s say your dealt AQ–what do you do. Strategically, you will through this hand in the muck, yes, you will fold this hand, and even if it’s suited. If you’re going to make it to the late stages of this “sit and go,” you will have to learn to play situational poker. For instance, play the situation at hand, and trust me, there isn’t any situation going on in the early stages of a “sit and go,” that will allow you to jeopardize all your chips. The only hands you will jeopardize you tourney life are, AA, KK, QQ, and possibly AK (I will fold this to a tight player, and call a loose player). This goes for any position, don’t jeopardize your tourney life pre-flop with anything less than those four hands. Post flop is a completely different ball game.

There are too many players to act after you, when you are playing in early position. Players you will encounter will vary, and the average mix of players will be, two or three tight players, two or three aggressive players, and the rest are simply said, “donkeys.” Don’t be one of those players telling a story, because a donkey called your raise and out drew you. The only way to play a donkey in a “sit and go,” is to set them up. Don’t challenge them, you will go home with nothing but a “bad beat” story.

Many people will probably argue with me on this, but here it is. I don’t get in-depth with the odds when it comes to “sit and goes.” My reasoning, well, this is a survival game, and being knocked out, because my odds were up, isn’t a consistent enough way to make it to the top three. Sometimes you have to bend the poker rules a little to get where you want to be. You can play to take top three, without having to make calls because you are getting the right odds. Throw that in the dumpster, and play strategically, to place in the top three. If you follow my simple tips you will make it to the later stages most of the time. The only time you are knocked out in the early stages, is going all in with our AA, KK, QQ, and AK.


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