The Pros And Cons Of Playing On Facebook Poker

The Pros And Cons Of Playing On Facebook Poker

Facebook Poker’s software was developed by the Zynga Game Network which is also utilised by other large social networking sites such as Bebo, Myspace, Tagged and Yahoo. Through this they have the most active poker network on the planet boasting 25 million active users each month. Facebook Poker allows you to only play the most popular and simplest variant of poker, Texas Holdem and not other popular versions such as Omaha or Stud. Facebook users can take part in a variety of cash games, Sit’n’Gos and Multi Table Tournaments however only for virtual play money.

At the site, you will get to know the pros and cons of the poker table. The picking of the right table is possible with the understanding of the features. The earning of virtual money is possible for the players with ease. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the gamblers.

Even though they are only play money games it has not affected the popularity of this simple game. You can use this money to purchase virtual gifts for you and your friends on facebook. Various challenges are also avaiable to complete on Facebook Poker to win experience points and play money and also to improve your overall level.

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Facebook Poker Software & Graphics

The Facebook Poker Texas Holdem application was created and is administered by the Zynga Game Network. The software is flash based, which means that it is played within your browser with no need to download and install a program. This does mean a short wait time to load Facebook Poker in your browser everytime you want to play. As a result the software does lack a lot of features that a real money poker room has namely in the form of filters to find the game you want to play, note taking functions, table stats, hand histories etc.

Although the tables themselves resemble that of a real money poker site with features such as quick action buttons and a nice betting slider often not even seen in their professional counterparts. Multi-tabling is not really possible unless you want to start up my instances of your web browser and then resize the windows so that you can see all are clearly visible. Even browsing and playing at the same time can be difficult as there is no noise or flashing notification that it is your turn to act.

Where Facebook Poker excels, not surprisingly, is in the poker buddy system and being able to view everyone present at the table form the lobby. Essentially this software was never meant to be taken seriously and rather just as a recreational game to share with your friends and to pass the time.

Facebook Poker Game Variety

Facebook Poker only offers Texas Holdem and none of the other more popular poker variants. This is probably due to the fact that Holdem is the easiest game to learn at least in terms of the rules. Even still only No Limit is offered not even Fixed Limit or Pot Limit is available. A vast array of limits are available to accomodate the rather massive range in virtual money some people have, ranging from a few thousand to millions.

A small bonus is that Facebook Poker offers both STTs and MTTs, which are single table tournaments and multi table tournaments for those who prefer this form of poker.

Facebook Poker Promotions and Incentives

Facebook and therefore Facebook Poker is aimed at the social sides of poker and so many of the incentives are virtual as opposed to monetary in real money poker rooms. A major feature is being able to “level up” as you gain more experience by completing challenges, playing and winning hands. As you attain higher levels you unlock more and more achievements and gifts that can be purchased in the gift shop. These are of course virtual gifts and will probably appeal more to gamers that gain a sense of achievement.

The challenges are meant to be completed with friends and thus promoting social networking. These are often simple poker tasks that must be completed within a certain time frame. If completed succesfully Facebook Poker will reward you with virtual money and experience points.

Facebook Poker Support

On the remote chance you actually need to contact Facebook Poker’s support you will in fact be talking to Zynga Gaming. This is an extremely tedious process of having to register at their site and often having to wait several days for an answer. Luckily only a very small minority of people will ever have to go through this process.

Facebook Poker Chips and Additional Information

For those people that never want to run out of chips there is an option to buy chips off the internet, usually several million can be bought for a few dollars. There are many providers of Facebook Poker chips although it is probably safer to buy them through the official providers, Zynga Game Network.


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