Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. You are close to all the attractions and you are able to walk right out of Treasure Island and see the pirate show, The Sirens of TI. With so much to see and do at Treasure Island, you will never want to leave your hotel. Also, given that one of its iconic attractions for its visitors is the agen baccarat online, you may really want to consider staying nearby. Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is a great place to stay on the Las Vegas strip for your first vacation to Las Vegas.

All About “The Strip”

The strip is beautiful site in itself. You could walk for days and not see it all. The hotels and casinos are enormous, each unique in their own way. Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is located right in the center of the strip, and is in a great location to see all of the attractions as you will have to walk less. This is very important because the size of the strip can make you tired easily just walking around. There are a lot of free attractions, a lot of them are in the middle of the strip, so they will be close and convenient.

Staying at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino

After arriving in Las Vegas, I would recommend that you take a shuttle to your hotel. It is far cheaper than taking a taxi, and they are very professional and will get you there quickly. Once you arrive at Treasure Island, you will want to check into your hotel so you can settle in and get rid of your luggage. The staff at the check in counter is very friendly, and they will set you up with your room and you will be all set to go.

The rooms are not super fancy, but they are well kept up, and they have very reasonable rates for their location on the strip. If you are lucky you will get a room with a front view so you can see the strip. You will then also be able to view the pirate show from your room. You then will be also able to hear it, but don’t worry, it does not run all night so you will still be able to get sleep. The bathrooms are quite large in the rooms, so two people are able to get ready without running each other over.

Hotel Casino

The casino is quite large and offer plenty of games to please everyone. The casino staff is not as friendly as the hotel staff is, I was not impressed. The hotel offers a number of restaurants. The coffee shop is very nice and the food is excellent. A Starbucks coffee shop is located in the hotel and the service there was very good. If you decide to get morning coffee get there early or plan on waiting in line for about 15 minutes. A small deli/snack service is located at the edge of the Casino. This deli was open late and we found that it offered great sandwiches, nachos, French fries and desserts. The prices of the restaurant/Coffee Shop/ and Deli were very reasonable.


A must see is the Pirate Battle. It is called The Sirens of TI. The pirate show is located in a small pond in front of the hotel. The show is run daily, with three or four shows a night. On the casino floor of the hotel on the pirate side of the hotel their is a small bar. The bar has seating that overlooks the pirate show. If you plan to go to the pirate show have a seat in the bar about a half hour early. You will avoid the crowds, have a great seat, and be able to relax!

If you are looking to relax, I would recommend checking out the pool. The pool is very large and offers plenty of chairs to lay on to catch a sun tan. They also have a bar located poolside and it offers a lot of cold beverages for the whole family to cool off with. It is also fun just to sit by the poolside and people watch.

Overall, I would recommend Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. It is great on value, and has a great location on the Las Vegas strip.


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