Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

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In 2000, Electronic Arts hit gaming gold when it released a game focusing on everyday life. Who would guess this would become such a hit when most people play video games to get away from everyday normal problems? The Sims 3 is the latest entry into this series and has been met with great fanfare. One of the coolest features here is that there is inclusion of an online store where gamers can purchase more items.

The target audience is usually teenagers fascinated with thoughts of getting married, having kids and paying bills. You know the normal things that most adults have to deal with on a daily basis anyways. With such a great amount of younger people interested the search engines have been flooded with requests for walk throughs and cheats on the subject. Today we’re gonna discuss several important the Sims 3 cheats and tips to keep handy at your disposal.

Most of the issues and questions that people are facing with the Sims 3 involve money, attitude and items. So most of the cheats and tips being searched for online are related to these topics. The good news here is that I have some Sims 3 cheats and tips that will help solve some of these problems. So enough of blabbing about the game let’s talk some of these Sims 3 cheats and tips.

Alright now for each of these the Sims 3 cheats and tips you’re gonna need to press control, shift and the C on the keyboard all at the same time. This will bring up a box to enter the codes mentioned in the rest of the article. If you have played previous versions of the game then it’s pretty much the same as in the past.

As I mentioned earlier money is one of the issues on the Sims 3 where people always are looking for ways to improve their situation. After all it’s a game about life and it can be pretty difficult without money in the real world so why would the Sims 3 be any different? There are two different cheats to enter in order to get more money after you have brought up the menu as mentioned in the previous steps. If you type in kaching then $1,000 will automatically be given to the character. But you can type in motherlode and get $50,000 as well and this will be the route most people decide to take for obvious reasons.

The last thing we’re gonna discuss about the Sims 3 cheats and tips is emotions and attitudes. The way your character behaves depends on several emotional factors that change while you play out their lives. Fortunately there is a cheat to handle this situation as well. If you bring up the box mentioned earlier and enter reset Sim then all these will be reset to the original values. Of course you need to replace the first name and last name with the character names.


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