What Are The Disadvantages Of A Mini Roulette How To Bet And How To Reduce Your Losses

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Mini Roulette How To Bet And How To Reduce Your Losses

Over time, the number of casino games offered by different casinos is on the rise, but the share of roulettes among them is virtually not increasing. Not surprisingly, every such novelty instantly attracts a lot of players. Just here is not looking for a special benefit for new types of roulette, because this good old classic indicator will not be able to elude any other species.

What is a mini-roulette?

Strictly speaking, nothing new in mini-roulette players for themselves will open, and there is already a long time, and therefore on the status of new elements draw poorly. In fact, this is the same European Roulette, only one modified – which has become smaller and simpler. It seems that it is difficult to master the rules of such gambling, in fact, because of this variety, the process is simplified. From this point of view, familiarity with classic roulette is probably better only through such a game. Moreover, if you still have any confusion regarding these tables, you can check out Poker QQ

The mini-roulette has been named so because there are only 13 numbers on the playing field and the number of bets was twice as low. These will be as follows:

  • the number (payment rate 11: 1);
  • Two numbers (5: 1);
  • three numbers (3: 1);
  • four numbers / column (2: 1);
  • for equal chances (red / black, equals / odd).

Why is it disadvantageous to play mini-roulette for a player?

Above we mentioned that the mini-roulette seems simpler than the classic one. However, with this simplicity, it has an incontestable minus, that is, the fact that the game is not profitable. If the European roulette has 37 numbers and zero, then the mini version of the cell number drops, while zero does not disappear anywhere. And that means the frequency of his fall will increase. If you consider the casino’s advantage as a percentage, then European Roulette in this plan is three times more profitable than the mini-version. This will prove to be a simple mathematical calculation.

Suppose you make 100 rotation wheels. If we divide this number into the number of numbers on this wheel, we get mathematical expectations. This indicator shows the average number of gains from zero to 100 turns.

This figure is expressed as a percentage – 2.70%. If we do the same calculations for the mini-roulette, you have to divide by 13, which means that the wait increases sometimes, and is up to 7.69%.

In monetary terms, the above calculations mean that the losses from the loss of both types of roulette will be different. The European will ruin $ 2.70 for every 100 rounds, and the mini-roulette is already 7.69%, respectively.

There is another type of gambling that will be the most profitable. It’s about the French roulette, if the rules are much better for the player, despite the fact that there are all the same 37 numbers and the same zero on the wheel. The only difference is that if 0 drops, then the casino shares half the player’s amount that he lost.


If you plan to get familiar with the minigame closer, we recommend starting either in free mode or by making small bets. If you are a professional player then this version of roulette will not suit you.


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