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Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio will get a multi-million dollar casino If a group called My Ohio Now has its way. They want to build a massive $600-million casino…

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RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

A lot of people don’t look into thieving because at lower levels the experience is just too slow, but in the end you will be…

Playstation Network Suspended; Free Online Gaming at a Price

Playstation Network Suspended; Free Online Gaming at a Price

There are two grand statements a Playstation 3 owner can whip out when engaged in debate with an X-box 360 or Wii owner over who…

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Agen DominoQQ is a great game to play online. But if you wish to play a game that lets you build a life in a…

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What games are associated with highest odds for winning?

If you are looking for the game with a higher winning odd then nothing can be the best option other than blackjack. You can get almost 49% odds in this kind of casino game online. Here, game is played not against each other but of course the dealer. Both luck and a little of strategic skill are needed for playing Blackjack. 

Which games cater you highest odds

Skilful strategies need to be implemented for wining maximum odds in blackjack game. Blackjack’s table games are really quite interesting and they are considered as the best options in modern poker online. Beating the dealer can help you winning the odds and the best part is that you can enjoy a one-time play out here. The player should have 21 busts for winning the game. Dealer’s advantage is almost one-percent but if you have more odds then you winning chance will automatically get increased like anything. 

Apart from Blackjack, other popular casino games that can cater you the chance of having highest odds are crap, roulette and baccarat. Crap and roulette both cover almost 50-percent of odds to win. Beginners should learn some of the best strategies that can help them in gaining more and more odds. Choose your house carefully otherwise you will never win the game you are dealing with. A proper edge is required for winning the house all the time.


These games can surely cater you a rich gambling experience and this experience will not only satisfy your heart but will also enable you winning lots of revenues at the end of the day. Applying strategies can hold your concentration for long and thus you can also be able to test your fullest potential. The limits might vary from one table to another therefore you should get the right one out.

Top Tips for Beginners To Online Gambling

Online gambling is an internet platform where people can gamble. Some of the games that can be played here are poker online, online casinos, sports betting, visual slots, and many more. 

If you’re a beginner and wanted to try online gambling, there are few tips below that can help you be a good and responsible online gambler.

Choose the best suitable game

In online gambling it is better to master one type of game rather than being a jack of all trades. You can try all the types of online gambling and focus on the one that you enjoyed most and are good at. Mastering a single game gives you a way lot more of chances as you get to study the game’s method. You get to know the rules, you gain experience, and you might create your own system of gameplay that might favor your chances of getting the jackpot.

Know when to stop

By nature, gambling is a game of luck that gives off the chance of winning or losing, and admit it or not, you don’t win every time. Keep a track on your money and never exceed your deposit limit. This helps you to monitor how much you are spending. One thing a beginner online gambler should first master on, is to avoid tilting. Avoiding tilting is one of the best ways to keep a hold of your money.

So, when luck’s not on your side, know when to leave and continue to play for another time. 

Do not be greedy

Being greedy never gets you anywhere. It is a huge mistake to gamble more after winning so much, as it might take a great swing and negate the ones you already won. Set some goals or limits, for example, if you’re having a deposit of $100, stop when you reach a goal of $150.


In online poker, there is this saying that they keep on, like their mantra. “Never gamble when you are sad, and never gamble when you are too happy” Gambling is never a game for the soft-hearted. It takes time, perseverance, patience and critical thinking to win a game. It is a game of strategy and deception. 

Always be responsible when gambling.

Online Poker Games: Are UK Players Are Interested In Playing?

Poker games are played in different-different countries from all over the world. There are millions of active users for playing poker games online. UK players are also growing their interest in playing poker games online. As a reason, it is one of the easiest as well as great methods for earning money. We can easily earn good cash money by playing poker games online. There are lots of benefits of playing this game. Also, by playing poker games online, you can become a master in a very short period of time. Just make sure that you go through all the specific rules and regulations of this game. Pkv Online is a large platform where one can build contacts as well as enhance social grooming. 

UK players are also interested in playing online poker games because through this, and they can make money as well as bare expenses. As a reason, visiting casinos is expenses, and it becomes crucial to manage all other things. You no longer depend on the time limits of casinos because here, by playing online poker games, one can grab all the things. 

Some important information: 

Online poker games have millions of players, and there are uncountable websites to render these games. The biggest benefit of playing these games is that one can play it for a longer time without facing any difficulty. All you need to go through a good internet connection so that you will not found any problem while playing these games. 

You can cherish online poker games and other gambling games with your friends and family members too. A player should know the tricks so that they can play the game easily. Consider all the beneficial information which is mentioned in the above section wisely.

Want To Beat A Poker Bot In Online Poker? Read Significant Details Here!

Playing poker is a good source of money, and it is considered by most gamblers. If you also want to make money by playing poker games, then you should take some important things into consideration. Most of the poker websites allow gamblers to play against real gamblers from all around the world. Sometimes, the poker bots are also playing at the poker table. It is possible to beat them quickly, but you need to make a good strategy. 

Without having a plan in mind, it is hard to beat the poker bots. Make sure you have done research about poker bots, and you know everything about them. Usually, the boats are weak, and the pro players can easily identify them on the poker table.   

Tips you should follow 

In order to beat the poker boats, you need to follow some simple tips and tricks. Here we are going to mention these tips to help beginners – 

  • Know the game 

First of all, gamblers should know about the game completely before taking the steps forward. If you think that you can beat the boat without knowing about the game, then you are wrong. And that’s why you should know everything about the game and the tactics to play it with perfection. 

  • Take note of your mistakes 

Before getting started, you should take note of the mistakes that you usually do. You should also make a strategy and always try to keep it in mind. With the help of this, you can play the Pkv Games in a better way. 

In addition to this, you should never do bluffs while playing poker against the boats. Keep all these tips in mind and try to win the fortune.

All You Need To Know About The Best Poker Game!

It is always fun-loving as well as exciting to play poker games, whether you consider an online website or planned to visit a casino. Playing Pkv Games has several benefits, such as one can easily earn money by playing these games if you have a good internet connection, then you can play poker games whenever you want to. There is no time restriction for playing such games. You don’t have to visit casinos to play these games. By accessing online websites from your phone or personal computer, it becomes easy for you to play the game. 

There are lots of individuals who have earned money by playing these games because it is one of the most right and appropriate methods. You don’t have to move out of your house and visit any casino. We all know that visiting a casino is highly expensive. For neglecting all the other expenses, you can focus on earning money by staying at home.  Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about the best poker games so that it becomes easy for you to cherish them for earning money.

List of the best poker games:

It is important to consider these poker games so that you can get the best deals and good cash money through it. More often, one can easily play games by downloading applications as well as visiting other websites too. But if you consider these poker games, then it might become easy as well as beneficial for you.

  1. Texas Hold’em
  2. Omaha
  3. Seven-card stud
  4. 2-7 triple Draw
  5. Open-faced Chinese poker (OFC Poker)

The above listed are some of the best poker games through which you can easily earn money as well as play these games for a longer time period. 

In the End, the Packers Gambled and Lost

If I learned anything when I was in college it is the fact that, if you gamble, you will eventually lose. You may find yourself on a hot streak but, if you keep playing, the house will eventually come out ahead.

In the case of the Green Bay Packers, they took a lot of gambles.

They gambled on the arm of a 38-year-old quarterback that seemed to be on the downside of his career and two aging cornerbacks who are among the best in the league but play in a system that could easily get them hurt.

They gambled when they let running back Ahman Green leave and made little effort to replace him. And, they made no effort to improve the offensive line.

They gambled when they opted not to trade for receiver Randy Moss and do almost nothing in free agency; which, in itself, was a gamble that the team’s overall talent would trump its lack of experience. And, for the most part, the gambling paid off with a 13-3 record and a first round bye in the playoffs. Quarterback Brett Favre had one of his best years ever, their offensive line held together and they found a running back by mid-season.

But, as is the case with gambling, luck has a lot to do with it.

The Packers started their season 4-1 but could just as easily have been 0-5 if it weren’t for good fortune. They were absolutely dominated by the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 but won because of two muffed punts. When they faced the Giants, they were facing a beat-up Eli Manning. The Chargers team they faced was still trying to find its identity and the Minnesota Vikings were still trying to decide on a quarterback. It was just like playing a poker online for them for the first time as the vibe was so tense.

A 57-yard fumble return lifted them to a win over the Washington Redskins, bringing their record to 6-1 and they needed a huge play in overtime to lift themselves over the Denver Broncos. And, the Detroit Lions, their only serious competition in the division, managed a late-season slide.

In fact, you could even say their good luck continued into the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks were absolutely punch less when the two teams met in the divisional round and a couple key drops by their receivers kept the game from being close. The Packers also got additional help when the Dallas Cowboys, a team Brett Favre has never beaten on the road, were eliminated. And, in some ways that luck even continued into the NFC title game; with the New York Giants missing two field goals late and dropping a pass inches from the goal line; keeping the Packers in it until the very end.

But, lucky teams are not elite teams. That was proven by the Packers’ losses to the Cowboys and Chicago Bears in the regular season and their eventual overtime loss Sunday night.

Some will point out Mike McCarthy holds his practices indoors and will accuse the Packers of being ill-prepared for the weather on Sunday. I don’t think that was the case simply because I’ve lived in Wisconsin 28 of my 32 years and can tell you for a fact that nothing can prepare you for a -24 wind-chill.

However, I do think the team was out coached. Tom Coughlin, a veteran of many playoff games, stuck with his running game even when it wasn’t working and eventually wore down the Packers defense while controlling the clock. The Packers, on the other hand, only ran the ball about a dozen times; allowing the Giants defense to concentrate on pass coverage. And, even though cornerback Al Harris was being schooled by receiver Plaxico Burress, the Packers were reluctant to give him help until it was too late. Numerous penalties, caused in part by emotion and inexperience also didn’t help the Packers.

In the end, the Packers’ luck didn’t necessarily run out. But, that luck was trumped by experience and superior play. And, that’s why they will be spending this Super Bowl at home rather than in Arizona. Like I said, if you gamble, you will eventually lose.

So You Hate Campers?

Call of Duty players: So you say you hate campers?

I’ll bet, in actual battlefield situations, that campers are hated, too. “I’ll wish that sniper would just come out of there and run around like a fool so we would have a chance against him.”

Yeah. Anyways…

Everyone camps to some extent, whether or not he or she will admit it. Yeah, there are players who will run around with Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando and just knife you the whole game, but for the most part, everyone incorporates a little camping into his or her strategy.

For instance, you have your guys who basically snipe all the time. Some guys snipe so much that they have to snipe on small maps like Rust. No matter where you are if you are going to snipe, don’t you have to camp? Isn’t that the definition of “sniping”? So if you’re sniping, plant some claymores, settle in, pitch a tent, and maybe even build a fire and roast marshmallows, because you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do!

Additionally, there are some game modes where you have to “defend the objective.” For instance, if your team has a 2-1 flag advantage in Domination, isn’t it smart to try to defend those objectives by camping close by them? Of course, you have your players who camp on Domination and just try to get kills; they won’t leave their nice, warm campfire to even try to get an objective. Those guys, to me, aren’t campers. They’re idiots. (Of course, if you can camp long enough to get a tactical nuke and end the game, then it’s hard to argue with the strategy.)

Finally, the best reason to camp (at least a little) is to kill the players who are, indeed, just running around like idiots, or even those who are camping and killing you and your team. It’s hard to resist sitting back and picking off guys who are so predictable that they run to the same spots every time. Or maybe you like to kill other campers. You find a guy camping somewhere who is just picking everyone off, and you go to a nice, safe spot across the map and shoot him in the head. It’s satisfying, indeed.

I’m not advocating that one should camp in the same spot and play out an entire match. That’s pretty boring, and if you stay there long enough, you probably aren’t going to build much of a kill streak. You kill someone from the same spot enough times, then he or she is coming back for you. But camping to get a couple or three kills and moving on is simply a smart strategy.

Most of the people who whine about campers are usually just morons who don’t know how to play in the first place. Calling an entire team “stupid campers” after a loss in Team Deathmatch is just admitting that you aren’t very good and that you got outplayed.

So, if you’re whining about campers and camping, just shut up… and go kill them! It’s pretty simple! And if you are just tired of COD completely then you can try free slots real money in Indonesia which is a really engaging slot game where you can even earn money with your skills.

Sony’s Psp: All In The Name Of Serious Fun

In the car, on the couch, in between breaks, when waiting, or even when walking, people can’t just seem to help them selves from touching the latest gadget from Sony ┬¿C the Portable Play Station. The compact gadget packs more than just a past time of games, but a whole lot of other features as well. So what made the PSP an all in one gadget? Here are the things you just have to love about it.

Reason #1 is, of course, the games! Sony has captured the all time favorite games like Bomber Man ¨C and only better. Under its belt is a wide array of at least 350 titles with better graphics and sound effects than its predecessors and other games that are continuously developed.

Reason #2 is because it’s just like having the previous Play Station consoles with you, but only this time without the trouble of having to set up, connect it to a television and a power outlet and getting all the controllers and wires out. In this compact design, all you have to do is make sure your battery is charged, press the power button and load your game.

Reason #3 is the videos. If you want to take a break from your games, you can watch a movie or a television show instead. It does take space in your memory card, but you just have to erase it and download a new one.

Reason #4 is music. The PSP supports MPZ3, MP4, ATRAC3+, WAV, and WMA sound formats for that music marathon. This gadget sure delivers crisp sound and good quality of the tracks. Internet radio is also a feature of your handy PSP, you’re your music cravings are sure to be satiated.

Reason #5 is the ability to share photos to other friends through its Wi-Fi technology and also create a slideshow of your pictures.

With the rise of wide variety of games such as QQ online games and others, it is no longer a question why different modern technologies are being created and developed. In the case of Sony’s PSP, it is expected to develop even further providing great features and amazing gaming experience to its users and gamers.

And since we are already on the subject of wireless technology, reason #6 is its broad network features. Challenging other gamers with PSP systems is easier and made possible, so are other features such as online gaming and web browsing. You can also get updated with blogs, newsfeeds and podcasts with your PSP. Connecting with your friends via Skype is a downloadable feature that makes the PSP revolutionary. Wi-Fi connection, enhancements, firmware and a Memory Stick Duo are all you need to keep up with your friends anywhere.

Lastly, the seventh reason is the ability to personalize your gaming and entertainment needs is the availability of the PSP in different colors. From black to white, and almost every color in between, each individual can match the PSP to their personality.

The introductory price of this baby was quite high, although nowadays they are made more affordable in the market. The PSP can help waiting time pass by or entertain oneself. And if entertainment is not enough, Sony has given it features to make it useful in terms of communication, a good way of keeping up with the latest of the latest. Keeping this around makes you say goodbye to boredom.

Why Can’t I Stop Playing RPGs?

The only person I knew growing up who played RPG video games was my neighbor Jack. Jack had ADHD and he spent his days at school in the Special Ed Resource Room. He was about as far from “cool” as possible. I knew plenty of other kids who owned Nintendo 64s or Playstations, but they were all playing first-person shooters, which would go on to dominate the console wars of the Naughts, from Halo to Call of Duty. So I deduced fairly easily that the uphill battle which was my social standing (I did not have looks on my side, either) would not benefit from the addition of video game RPGs. Moreover, I also came across Domino99 that completely changed my perception of games. So I put it off playing them as long as I could. When I bought my first Xbox in 2002, I bought Halo and Tony Hawk.

The first game I finally allowed myself to play as Final Fantasy VII–but I didn’t play it until 2002 or 2003, five years after it was released. Only after I had a girlfriend and a band did I dare to tarnish my sterling reputation. I didn’t have anyone left that I felt I needed to impress, and besides, as RPGs go, Final Fantasy is “lite.” It’s the diet version of console RPGs. It’s slightly more hardcore than Zelda, but it’s not Neverwinter Nights.

I revisited FF in 2005 when I played FFX. To this day, VII and X are the only titles from the franchise that I’ve ever beaten. I’ve played XII, but it got boring and I haven’t turned it on for two years. In fact, the only thing I’ve turned my PS2 on for in the last year is the deliciously addictive Katamari games, which now have made the jump to the 360, so the PS2 has been in a drawer for a while. Maybe that’s why they made the slim version.

I was an early adopter of the Xbox hardware (less than six months after launch) and I read review after review of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which, if the title doesn’t give it away, is a heck of an epic RPG. The definitive RPG that American Xbox owners have been waiting for. I wasn’t willing to risk buying the game, so I used my Blockbuster Game Pass to rent it. Morrowind crawled along, had awkward, clunky combat, and so much to complete that it was immediately overwhelming. I may have kept it for two days before I swapped it for something with more action.

But later that same summer, another game was released that truly changed my gaming experience. The game was literally endless and mostly involved you embarking on small quests for other citizens of the town, trying to keep your homestead in nice condition to earn rewards, and following a 24-hour clock that was the same as the real world, meaning certain tasks could only be completed at certain times of the day or at certain times of the year. Normally all these things that were seemingly in the way of progress would bother me. But for some reason, the cute guise of Animal Crossing made it all okay. My sister and I spent hours playing the game, accomplishing very little–but it was fun. There were no levels to clear, no hoards of enemies to destroy, no button combos to memorize. And it didn’t matter.

Fast forward to 2010: I find myself embroiled in a multitude of RPGs, the nerdiest of which being World of Warcraft. I’m playing Fallout 3, which I rented with my final month of Gamefly (I have to cancel to afford my WoW subscription, which is actually cheaper than Gamefly) and I’m also playing Bowser’s Inside Story on my DS, which is as RPG as any of the Mario DS titles get. WoW, sucker punched me. I played it before, four years ago, on my uncle’s account. I wanted to see what it was all about. It was deliciously fun, but I could not justify the cost. I was still in school and couldn’t afford the monthly charge, so I just ruled it out as a possibility.

Two weeks ago, I decided to give the ten-day trial a try, especially because it meant I could download the newest expansion Wrath of the Lich King for free. The trial doesn’t allow you to participate in a number of the social aspects of the game, including guilds or even sending messages to people who haven’t added you to their friend’s list. It still lets you experience a ton of PVE (Player vs Environment) action and before reaching level 20, there aren’t that many things you need to join a party to complete. I probably played eight out of the ten days and put almost 24 hours into the game. I was trying to determine if the fifteen bucks a month was worth it. I did not overlook the fact that I would probably spend less money on console titles if a lot of my gaming time was going to be dedicated to playing WoW.

I still wasn’t sure if I was going to buy a subscription or not until the night that I tried to log in and was informed that my trial had expired. I subscribed immediately. I also immediately joined a guild and basically threw myself head-first into the game. You can’t think of the game as something that costs $180 a year. It’s more like an investment: like paying for a gym membership, except that WoW may have the opposite effect on your health. It’s a club that you belong to, and everyone you encounter is part of the club, too. It gives you an instant sense of belonging, especially when someone you don’t know shows you where a town is or gives you a hand with a quest or casts a series of protective spells on you. These things happen all the time, and it provides a feeling of community. For less than $200 a year, it’s actually a steal, if you figure out an hourly rate. I’ve put so much time into the game in my first two weeks that my first month of the game will amount to something less than fifty cents a day.

If playing RPGs, especially MMORPGs, makes me a nerd, then I’m prepared to deal with the consequences. Especially since nearly twelve million people worldwide fall under the WoW nerd umbrella. It’s become less and less embarrassing for video game RPG nerds to come out of the closet, as more and more people have started playing. But hopefully, unlike Facebook, my parents will stay out of the World of Warcraft. Because I don’t want to spend an hour showing them how to get from Darnassus to Stormwind. Noobs.

Cabal Online Review

Cabal online is a new mmorpg (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) which just opened for open beta February 1, 2008. This game like other mmorpgs involves doing quest and killing monsters but has a diffenent approach when gaining levels and skills. Players gain experience by using skills not by killing a monster for a certain amount of experience. Players can choose between warriors,bladers,wizards,force archers,force shielders,and force bladers. Each of these characters has their own strengths and weaknesses making this game pretty balanced when it comes to choosing a character to start out with.

What makes it stand out from other Pkv Games is its technical finesse and the fact that the players have the liberty to choose between both good and bad guys where you don’t have to limit your potential by being ‘heroic’ and, above all, they all have grey shades without being totally good or evil.

Cabal online has some of the best graphics I have seen in a mmorpg and the higher level armor and weapons look amazing. This game can be comparable to an extent with 2moons (a mmorpg from acclaim) ,but some of the features such as leveling make this game stand out from 2moons shadows. One problem I had with 2moons was that I was constantly being disconnected from their server which was a real turn off but so far in Cabal I havn’t experienced that problem which was really nice to see. So far I have enjoyed playing the game ,but i notice that at certain times of the day the game can be real laggy while other times it’s perfect with little or no lag. Cabal online has a jukebox which allows players to add their own music ,but you must first convert your mp3 files into ogg file format. This game allows players to explore vast worlds with online friends while leveling up to become number one. This game has lots of features or different systems which make leveling up and skilling up more fun then a typical mmorpg.

Cabal allows players to use combos with skills (only after reaching level ten and completing a quest) which makes leveling more fun while keeping the game fresh and exciting for the players. Cabal allows players to upgrade their skill ranks to learn new skills from the person who sells you them. Players get experience every time they use that skill and when you gain enough levels under that category such as magic skills or skills involving swords, you get a rank up which can lead to you getting more powerful skills. This game looks beautiful and really professional. It features plenty of original ideas that are different from typical mmorpgs as well as the same ideas such as dungeons which really makes this game one to play. For my final verdict I recommend you try this game out and see what you have been missing out on. Be sure to check out my blog for more reviews and tutorials at

Captives in a Casino

The decision to make our monthly trek for an overnight to the Ameristar East Chicago Casino on Christmas night was easy since we were already halfway there because of our family Christmas celebration. I’m pretty sure God wasn’t tickled as we first drove to one local casino on the way and left us with our pants fitting looser in the seat, but we still had one more stop, the last and best for the evening, The Ameristar. Before that, we also tried agen bola which was another really great experience that we won’t forget. This is one of the best online services that we came across when it comes to online casinos. Since we wanted to go outside that day, we had to try Ameristar. We had a room for the evening and I was looking forward to their plush facilities.

Check-in was swift. We took a few of the Christmas goodies we had from our family dinner to the room and snacked to build our energy for the night of gaming. We didn’t make the millions that I dreamed of, but we didn’t lose rapidly so the night lasted quite long. Mike’s a man with a schedule. He has to eat at specific times, or close, and sleep on schedule. I, on the other hand, have problems sleeping. Eating is something I do only because it’s there and I think there’s a rule somewhere that says I have to do it. He, as usual, became tired first and went back to the room. He left me on the gaming floor with $20, my final limit for the night. Of course, I meandered around, loving to watch the action as much as playing the game myself. There were people hitting everywhere and I became engrossed, suddenly, it was 5:00 a.m. and I’d promised myself I’d sleep that night, so back up to the room, I went.

We slept late and I was worried we’d be late for the breakfast buffet. We’d saved a special coupon that allowed us $20 food credit or $10 cash. Food credit sounded a lot better and the thought of the buffet made my mouth water. Now, I know that I just said, food isn’t that important, but to me, a buffet is an event, a dizzying choice of just the right food in the right amount. As we walked through the lobby of the hotel, we noticed that there was an inordinate number of people sleeping in chairs in the lobby. “They’re waiting for their spouses to finish gambling”, I told Mike with confidence. He remarked that it was quite unusual, and we didn’t see anyone from housekeeping in the hall. I shrugged and we walked on to put our bags in the car and then to breakfast.

The buffet was dark but there was a small table set up at the entrance. Lines of people were at the entrance to the buffet, but instead of a meal fit for a king, the staff was passing out the juice, coffee and Danish, free. While free looks good to me most of the time, this was not one of those times. We stopped and asked and the guard told us that the police closed all the major roads. Ice coated every major thoroughfare and accidents everywhere made it an easy decision to close I 94 and I 80/90. State troopers closed I 80/90, the Toll Road, at 6:30 a.m. after more than 50 wrecks occurred due to the icy conditions. The people sleeping in chairs weren’t waiting for their spouse; they were here for keeps. The breakfast crew and shift changes couldn’t make it in because of the roads and a very long shift ensued for those trapped at work. There were no cooks available.

We chose to pass on the Danish, took a cup of coffee and decided to spend the breakfast coupons on gambling. Talking to the staff was enjoyable. Despite their lack of sleep, they were cheerful and pleasant. Each had a story of what now became more than a double shift. While the coffee was holding me, Mike was grumpy. Okay, I was getting that way too. This time we took them up on both. Now, it was time to hit the ATM and do some serious gaming.

Serious or not, it was time to eat, but no buffet yet. My mind wandered to the book “Alive” when suddenly I heard the words, “There is one restaurant now open.” The staff was a skeleton crew but friendly and warm. We talked to the manager that lived very close to the casino. He said the roads were terrible but his trip was only a block or two. Everyone in the restaurant was filling in for any gaps caused by missing employees. Our bellies were full but the roads still weren’t good enough to travel home. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon when an announcement came over the P.A. that busses were finally arriving to take their people home. It was now time for us to leave.

Our situation wasn’t bad, but there were people at the casino for longer than they had planned. Some most likely only took enough to gamble and never expected that they’d have to stay much longer. The Ameristar in East Chicago did everything in their power to provide for those people and the rest of us more fortunate to have a room. I was impressed that even though there weren’t restaurant employees, everyone helped pass out drinks and Danish to the people trapped at the casino. I’m sure that their revenue went down for that morning because no new clients were arriving and many of those trapped spent their limit, but the considerate way they handled the bad situation and their friendly staff made this casino rise even higher on my favorites list. That’s tough to do since it was already number one.

The Gambler And Hope For Making Money

When it comes to making money, the gambler’s addiction, as anyone knows, is as efficient as chopsticks in oatmeal. It is an expensive habit and the high the addict enjoys is both horribly rare and demonically short-lived. This is, for the gambler, no small source of pride. Unlike the noble addictions, like those to acclaim, tobacco or capitalism, the high that accompanies a gambler’s win is so viciously overrun by the impulse to plow all that cash back into The House that it is as fleeting as a sixteen year old boy’s first orgasm, although not nearly as furtive.

Not furtive indeed. Gambling is the most public of the addictions, a huge arena-sized orgy of the obsessively hopeful, the ugly, the desperate, the superstitious, and the terribly lonely, bleary eyed comrades who are united but never quite joined in a psychological lubricant of public loss and well-savored self abuse unknown to the lesser addicts of mere booze or smack or sex.

The heroin addict enjoys hours of deep brain chemical nirvana before rousing from a nod to cast a red eye to the neighbor’s TV, scouting his next fix, which can wait, after all, until after a nap. The tawdry nicotine addict can wait however impatiently for his next break and pretend that huddling in a snowstorm with other filtered brand smokers is some kind of real addiction. A filtered addiction is laughable. The boozer swills alone in a crowd, closing in her consciousness until it focuses on the terrible beauty of the glass between her steady hands and the presence of the sympathetic bartender who knows too well the pain that follows the taste. The gambler never has someone to drive him home, nor does he want one. This is why we are the most hated of all addicts; we do not need you, we need an Ace. Pkv Games will provide a unique and different experience to the players while playing in the play station. The players should not be addicted towards the game at the server.

These are pussy addicts compared to the gambler. Their thrill lasts. You pay your dough and you enjoy your show for hours and hours. But there isn’t a living smack addict anywhere who can tear through a thousand bucks every twenty minutes, win or lose, paycheck after paycheck and come back for more. Hell, even the most bumbling beginning gambler can run through a grand or two long before they realize that The House owns their house, their ass, their soul and their future earnings, here and hereafter, amen.

Later, when they do realize it, it will not matter. The House holds “It All” and we want exactly what the House wants. We are The House-at least until it’s time to cash out. We gamblers are, after all, notorious and terminal romantics, caught up in past loves and the hope for our next doomed effort to be loved.

No matter what anyone says, the second string addictions have an abuse ceiling of which gambling does not admit. Beyond the plateau of mere coke or bourbon or meth or Camel non-filters is the forgiveness and peace of death, which is as good a cure as any for the tired chemical addict and maybe is preferred for some of them.

For the gambler, there is no such limit. Three to two odds that we are immortal in the casino; wanna lay a hundred on it? Given a thousand in hand, we will bet two; given a million, we will chase a third. The next roll, the spin yet to whirl, the card not yet turned is The One. Nothing is as addictive as the sweet slurry of mathematics, self-hate and immediate ATM access to the rent money that gambling offers.

The gambling addiction is never directly fatal. The gambler dies in only two cases. He runs afoul of some swarthy, burly, violent non-FDIC banker who works out of a booth in a very small restaurant. Or he bets his life on the next one and steps across the 0,00 divide between life and death by his own hand.

The reality of the situation for the gambler is as distant as the end of his cash and sometimes that’s a long way off.

Never mind that if we were good, we wouldn’t need to win. Gambling is rarely about winning. We gamblers admit that aren’t good and we’re never going to be good, so there is no win good enough to make us say “that was The One, as good as it gets, the big O, the ‘set for life’ score.” We are the most honest of all addicts-it is that honesty upon which we’re truly dependent. The honesty of The House is our goddess, our thrill and our only sure hope.

There is, of course no recovery from hope for honesty, no therapy, no weekend drumming sessions in the woods to set any of us along the dubious path to recovery. How does one recover from hope? What idiot would one want to?

Run another hundred through-the next one, we hope, is the one we’ll talk about long after we’re gleaming and broke and sweaty with the memory of the time the Random Goddess loved us and made us count. She loved us (with no more abandon than The House limits) and it does not matter that it only lasted only a fraction as long as it took to take the thousands into our hands and pass them back over to Her again.

Easy come, easy come. We gamblers do not think-ever-about ‘easy go.’ There are many who have gone there, gone over to ‘easy go.’ They are lost to us because they lost hope. You go there even once and you will not come back. “Easy come, easy go” means She will never love you.

In those few minutes of chance-or few days if you’re lucky enough for a good run-there is a shadow of success at love, a proof of hope, a full pocket of hundreds pressing gently on your genitalia and the ‘come hither’ jingle jangle of the next big score. And among gambling addicts there isn’t one of us who would trade triple sevens for a guaranteed paycheck on our most pathetic day.

Dez Bryant a Wise Gamble For Jerry Jones And The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys selected controversial wide receiver Dez Bryant in the 1st round of the NFL draft, a bargain pick loaded with talent that also comes loaded with red flags about potential character issues. It’s a choice that’s likely to pay off in gold for America’s Team.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is known for being a gambler, and he’s rolling the dice with Bryant, who was all-world at Oklahoma State two years ago but spent most of last year suspended for lying to the NCAA about his relationship with former Cowboy player Deon Sanders.

Neon Deon is still a big part of Dez Bryant’s life and was likely consulted by the Cowboys as they evaluated the risks associated with taking a guy who has been called a “diva” by the media and has a reputation for being late to games and team meetings, as well as other quirky behavior like bringing the wrong shoes to workouts.

Bryant was once considered a likely lottery pick at receiver, and some experts still had him rated as the most talented wide-out in this year’s draft. But all of the character issues caused a guy who has the potential to be a No. 1 NFL receiver to tumble into the 20s.

Dallas still thought enough of him to make a deal with the New England Patriots to move up from the number 27 pick to the 24th slot. It’s likely to be a winning gamble for the Cowboys if Bryant lives up to his expected athletic potential and stays away from off-field trouble.

Jerry Jones knows the Cowboys need help at receiver. Number 1 wide-out Miles Austin is a stud, but the guy coming back as the number 2 man, veteran Roy Williams, has been more of a dud.

The Cowboys gave up a lot to get Williams in a trade back in 2008 when Jones thought that the tall, talented receiver would pair with Terrell Owens and give Dallas the league’s best one-two punch for star franchise QB Tony Romo. It’s like playing Pkv Games, it was so intense and interesting to watch.

Now Owens is long gone and Roy Williams has never lived up to anything near his expected payoff. Instead, it is the younger and more athletic Austin who has become the go-to target for Romo with tight end Jason Whitten becoming option number two. Any production from Roy Williams at all was regarded as a bonus last year.

Enter Dez Bryant, who is a 6 foot 2 inch, 225-pound playmaker with an eye-popping mix of speed, athleticism and playmaking ability. His college stats are strong. In his last full season at Oklahoma State, Bryant had 87 receptions for 1,480 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Dez Bryant could very well slide right past Roy Williams into the starting line-up for the Cowboys next year. Weighted against that, the character issues seem a reasonable risk. After all, this isn’t a guy who has been in trouble for drugs or sexual assault, just bad judgment.

Something that might have been on Jerry Jones’ mind last night was the long-forgotten (by most) passing over of Randy Moss back in 1998. Dallas let the ultra-talented wide-out Moss go by them and nabbed Greg Ellis with their first round pick at number 8. Moss sled to the 21 slot and went on to become and elite NFL player who has beaten up on the Cowboys ever since.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys may feel they are finally redeeming themselves for that lost opportunity by taking a chance with their first round gamble Dez Bryant.

The Complete Newbie’s Guide To Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in today’s casinos thanks to its easy to learn rules. While learning basic strategy can lower the house edge, the casual player won’t play enough hands for it to make a difference.

Before you decide on a table, make sure you know what the table’s limits are. There’s usually a color-coded placard on each table listing the minimum and maximum bets.

When you sit down at the table, ask the dealer to convert your cash into chips. Each chip should be clearly marked with the dollar amount. At the beginning of the first round, the dealer will give you enough time to put down your initial bet. He or she will then deal two faceup cards to each player and one faceup and facedown card to the dealer’s hand.

At this point, compare your hand to the dealer’s faceup card to decide your next move. An Ace can stand for either 1 or 11. The jack, queen, and king each count for 10 points. Your ultimate goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. If you’re lucky, you’ll get blackjack: An ace and a face card. The round will end for you and you’ll have won one and a half times your bet plus your bet. Good for you! If not, you’ll now have the chance to hit, stand, double down, or, at select tables, surrender.

Hit: Get another card. Say you have an Ace and a 3 and the dealer’s upcard is a jack, you should hit.

Stand: Ends the round. If you have two face cards equalling 20, stand. There’s a miniscule chance an Ace will show up on the next deal.

Double Down: Double your initial bet.

Split: If you get a pair of identical cards, you’ll have the chance to split the hand in two by putting down an amount equal to your initial bet.

Surrender: Surrender is only allowed at a few tables since it can lower the house edge significantly. With this choice, you can fold your hand at half the cost of your initial bet.

After the first round, the dealer will deal out cards to all players at the table who have chosen to hit, double down, or split. If you don’t bust this round (hit 22 or higher), your choices will now be limited to hit or stand on each remaining round. If you do bust, you’ve lost the round and the dealer will collect your initial bet.

Once all players have completed their hands, the dealer will turn over his facedown card and play out his or her hand until he either stands or busts. If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, you win and will receive double your bet back. If not, you’ve lost. Try again.

Hand signals are an important part of blackjack. While you can say what you want to do, most casinos require you to use hand signals for the benefit of security cameras and to help ensure no mistakes in communication are made. To signify that you want to hit, tap the table once. To stand, wave your hand over the cards. To double down or split, place chips equal to your initial bet next to your first bet. Hold up one finger to signify that you’re doubling or two fingers to signify that you’re splitting.

The easiest way to learn is to actually get out and play the game. Dealers are often happy to share tips with you and almost every casino holds regularly scheduled free blackjack lessons. Stop by the information desk to find out times. There are also many, many sites on the web discussing basic strategy. If you find yourself playing regularly, you should check these sites out.

Extra tips: Stand on 18 or higher. Always double down on 11. Assume the dealer’s face card is a face card. There’s a strong chance this will be true since the 10, J, Q, and K cards equal 10. Always split two 8’s. It may seem odd but you’ll have a statistically higher shot of coming out even or a winner.

In conclusion, blackjack is arguably the most popular form of gambling all over the world and no matter which casino you step into there are going to be some of the most thrilling finishes as far as the stakes are concerned and one that has ended up turning princes into paupers and vice versa. While this may not be encouraging news, it is much better than to work things out with an agen judi bola and engage in match fixing as the former doesn’t involve legal repercussions.

Poker Home Games that Will Impress Your Friends

In Part One, we discussed the impact your choice of poker chips has on your home game. In Part Two, we talked about the furniture element, or the thing that catches the players’ eye immediately upon entry– the table. Now in Part Three, we get down to the nitty-gritty: the playing cards.

Poker and cards go hand in hand as all you need to do is to draw a poker from a deck of cards and whoever has the biggest hand is the winner. It is a popular pastime that you can enjoy with your friends and they too will have the time of their lives with this excellent game that requires both focus and strategy.

Playing cards are probably the thing that gets the least attention in home games. Players will spend all kinds of time and money to get the best chips, the nicest table, and all kinds of snacks, and then spend a dollar or two on the cheapest deck of Bicycle cards they can find, usually on the impulse rack at the grocery store. Why would you want to skimp on the one item that defines the game you’re playing? Poker is a game of cards, and choice in playing cards should be of utmost importance.

When you go to a casino, take note of how long a deck of cards stays in play– it’s rarely more than an hour or two. The main reason for this of course is security, but shuffle a deck of casino cards for more than an hour, and you’ll begin to feel a noticeable difference in how they feel.

You can buy casino cards for super cheap ($1.00/deck or less!). If this is the way you’re going to go for your home game, which I’ve done plenty of times, buy lots of decks, and plan on switching them out a few times in an evening. This always ensures the cards are crisp, easy to shuffle, and there are no bends or creases from the shuffling or playing.

The best option, however, are to get high-grade, plastic playing cards. Not the plastic coated, and not the paper cards, but plastic cards by Gemaco, KEM, or Copag. The first thing you’ll notice upon a cursory search of the internet is the price. These cards retail at $30 or more for a pack of 2 decks. Why would you spend $15/deck when you can get casino cards for a dollar or two? It comes down to simply durability. Not only do the paper cards tend to bend and crease easily, but the edges begin to fray and wear.

Since your typical home game could run a couple hundred hands, with a deck shuffled 5 times per hand, a deck gets worn out fast. I’ve run 20 player games before, and gone through upwards of 10-15 decks of casino cards. The plastic cards, though more expensive, simply last longer. They slide nicely across the felt, they stand up to the constant bending of being peeked at by lifting up the corners (typical in flop games like Hold-em or Omaha), and they can withstand thousands of shuffles without any discernable difference in look or feel.

So while the expense of the best cards on the market can be shocking at first, once your players get used to the feel of the plastic cards, they won’t want to go back. You can get the cheaper cards, and they’ll do you just fine for the occasional game, but if you’re serious about putting the best quality gear on the table, and plan on holding regular games, the investment of some nice plastic cards will be worth it.

The Stock Market Casino: Play it like BlackJack

We have all heard terms like “Wall Street Casino” and “stock market casino”. In some cases, the terms are used by companies promoting investments in gold and other precious metals or commodities. In many cases, the intent is to convey the idea that the financial markets are by, for, and of seasoned, possibly unscrupulous professionals and that small or “amateur” investors stand no chance and are doomed to lose money. Which is why it is important to be careful as you invest in stock market. You can easily lose your money and face critical loses. This is where qqturbo is going to help you. You can easily learn the art of investment and management with the tips and recommendations there.

In many ways, the analogy is a fair one. Casinos exist to make money. The majority of their revenue is the result of separating gamblers from their bankroll. However, there are casino games and casino games. In a simple game of casino blackjack, the ” house’s edge” is about 5% if the player hits and stands according to the same rules as the dealer. If the player makes his decisions on when to hit or stand based on some simple arithmetic principles, he can roughly cut the “house’s edge” in half. If he goes one step further and “doubles down” or “splits a pair” at the right time (again, purely based on what the numbers he sees tell him), the “house’s edge” is halved again, down to a little over 1 %, at least giving the gambler a fighting chance. Teams of professional card counters can actually flip the “house’s edge” in their favor. Short of being a professional gambler, just understanding the numbers and knowing how to play make a huge difference. One of the keys is having the discipline to make your decisions based purely on numbers, leaving any emotional component out of the equation.

The financial markets are fraught with potential perils which make a casino game look tame by comparison. High frequency trading, hedge funds, and synthetic financial derivatives are among the vehicles which give large investors tremendous leverage and can cause the markets to swing wildly, both up and down. The small investor can feel as though he is being swept along by forces he cannot see and does not understand.

You can insulate yourself from unseen markets forces by staying away altogether. However, the trade-off for the safety of not risking your capital is accepting money market returns of less than one percent. A better approach is to position yourself like a blackjack player would, making decisions based on the numbers, not emotion. Many books have been written about market psychology and the chemical changes which take place in the human brain as investment (and gambling) decisions are made. The small investor must successfully fight human nature in order to make decisions unemotionally and avoid the trap of “Buy high, Sell low”, resulting from uninformed wishful thinking followed by panic.

Some simple facts that most of us know and understand but frequently ignore are:

Over time, the broad stock market indexes have an upward bias.    The broad markets always “revert to the mean”. ie If the S P; 500 is above the 50 and 200 day moving averages, it will eventually fall and cross both curves. Conversely, if it is below the 50 day and 200 day moving averages, it will eventually rise and cross both curves.

Just knowing the above two facts is not, in and of itself, sufficient information to make informed investment decisions. The S P; 500 has been basically stagnant for both a 5 year and 10 year period. Most of us don’t have enough time to rely purely on the “upward bias” effect.

So, what do you do?…

  1. I avoid individual stocks. In spite of laws that have been passed in reaction to financial crises , are you 100% confident that there is not another ENRON lying in wait for unsuspecting victims? Even if a company is not engaged in criminal activity, you can still be undone by ineptitude ie KODAK. Investing in index funds smooths out the bumps which can be caused by one company’s misfortunes. Also, although not predictable, the broad indexes do conform somewhat to a semi-regular pattern. Specifically, the 50 and 200 day moving averages of the S P; 500 (and the Dow 30 and Nasdaq , and other broad market groups) resemble a long, lazy, irregular sine wave with a slight upward slope.
  2. I try to invest new money in index funds ( I typically stick with something which mirrors the S P; 500 or 2X the S P; 500) mainly when the market is below the 50 day and 200 moving averages. My wife and I follow this pattern in her retirement account; 75% of new money goes into the index fund when the market is where I want it, only 15% when it’s above the curves. If you do nothing else, following the discipline of investing in index funds only when the market is below the 50 and 200 day moving averages will serve you well. The chart below illustrates this point. The rough circles I’ve drawn take in the time periods when I would have recommended pouring money into an index fund. The rough middle of each shape is marked and the resultant average entry point comes out to about 1113 on the S P; 500. By comparison, the lowest S P; 500 close in this period of time is 1023, only 8.8% below the average entry point, while the highest close is 1364- 18.4% above the average entry point. Following my recommended discipline based only on the numbers tends to get you into the market much closer to the bottom than the top.
  3. In my own retirement account, I trade more frequently and aggressively. My approach can be explored in more detail at . However, I still prefer to enter an index fund (in this case S P; 500 2X) below the moving averages. The additions are : taking short term profits rather than emphasizing a long term approach and using a Dow 30 2X Inverse Fund either as a pure offensive play or to protect a long position when the market is heading down.

When it comes to stock market investing, think like a blackjack player. Make your decisions based on numbers and leave emotion out of the picture.

Best 5 Slot Tips that will help To Improve Your Chances

Slot is a type of casino game that has least chance of winning it doesn’t matter that you are playing it online or offline if you don’t follow the best tips that will increase your chances in the game then this is not possible to get the desired result as you may call it the game of luck but the reality is it is the game of trick.

Tips to increase your chances

Here are the lists of five tips that will help you to win more than before

  • Selecting the game of Slot

If you want to play it physically then you can select the one near to your location and want to play online then you can choose Pkv Games there you will get the best numbers and more accessible. So if you are playing such a game then try to focus on the shadow and get the one in corner as you will get best chance of winning.

  • Pay close attention to the RTP

Here the meaning of RTP is Return to Player. Here the number of winning is not fixed as some of the players do not get any amount while some of them win the double of invested amount, it is not because of luck but they are paying close attention to the numbers of slot.

  • Try to take advantage of free spin

It’s totally your decision whether to take advantage of a free spin or not but it’s better to try.

  • Bankroll management

It is the main factor of gambling games if you determine it properly then you will not lose your money.

  • Loyalty and camps programs

If you are the member or loyal cards then you will get extra discounts


Which Online Casino Games Do You Prefer To Play?

We know that it’s the quarantine and that you are all board. This is why we decided to write an article that is focused on giving you some pointers on how to make the best use of your time. In what we are about to tell you, you will be able to not only have fun but also earn money at the same time. And yes, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can just stay at home. You got it! We are talking about opening your laptops and heading to your favorite online casino. But before you do, why not give some of our casino games recommendation a try?


This is pretty traditional in the sense. Before the internet or the computer was even invented, people had already been addicted to poker cards. But this time, you don’t have to play with your neighbors outside. You can play with any stranger. You can play at home. This has become a popular online casino game and if you are lucky, you will be able to take home all the money of your opponents in the game. 

Pai Grow

We are not done with poker just yet. When you go to situs poker online, you can play another version of poker called Pai Grow. It is a Chinese type of poker that focuses on dominoes instead of cards. Does that sound a bit weird? Only if you are new to the game but regardless of how strange you think this game is, there is no doubt that you are going to have lots of fun. The fun is limitless if you know how to win. 


If you are more interested in earning money than the fun of the game, craps is for you. It’s time to roll the dice and see if fate is in your favor, even if the dice is only a digital one.

What Are The 5 Quick Poker Tips For Winning The Game?

Online poker games are one of the biggest platforms where one can easily earn money. Here you will find players from all over the globe because these games are interesting as well as exciting. It has been listed that playing online poker games is one of the most entertaining things. As a reason, here, an individual will find multiple gambling games and choose according to their choice. If you want to play online poker games or get more information regarding it, then you can visit

There are several websites as well as applications where one can easily refer to online poker games. When you are selecting the platform for playing these games, then just make sure that you have chosen a trustworthy platform. There are several applications where you can directly login and chase online poker games. You can play them online as well as offline because there is no restriction and time-limit for playing online poker games. 

Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read the 5 quick tips for playing online poker games for winning such as:

The 5 quick poker tips for you:

  • The very first tip is to consider a certified platform so that you can easily play online poker games.
  • The second tip is that acknowledge all the rules and regulations for playing online poker games.
  • Make sure that you are starting with small amounts while playing online poker games.
  • Ask your friends to join you so that it becomes easy for you to play this game.

  • Play wisely and do not become over-excited because it may distract you.

All the 5 quick poker tips have been listed in the upper section for you so that it becomes easy for you to win the game. 

How to Count Cards at BlackJack

Anyone with any kind of experience in gambling knows that the longer you spend gambling, the more likely you are to lose. And statistically speaking, most people will lose at any game they play unless they are extremely lucky. Yes, the house always wins… unless you can count cards. Here’s a guide on how to do it for the game of blackjack, which is the prefferred game for card-counters . But first, a few disclaimers:


  • This guide may help you understand, in general, how to count cards, but it definitely won’t help you acquire the mathematical genius required to master it to pinpoint accuracy.
  • Even with pinpoint accuracy of counting cards, there is still no guarantee that you will always be right. Why? Because no matter how efficient you are, there is still a good chance that Lady Luck will abandon you completely (what, did you think it was guaranteed)?
  • Without capital to start with, you will lose. Why? Because this isn’t a game where one can constantly win. It’s a game where you will lose sometimes- guaranteed. The key is to make sure that you lose the small bets and win the big bets, and that means that you have to start with a good amount of capital.
  • You don’t really win when casino security guards grab you and beat the shit out of you for “cheating.” Nobody really cares that you really weren’t cheating. But they do care that you were studying the cards intently and moving your lips like some mumbling momo. Advice? Be inconspicuous. Oh, and put that pen and paper away.

You will not need the pen and paper for this because Blackjack is a trick that requires an alert mind and some experienced hands that can swish the cards akin to a sword and also you need to bet as high as possible for which you can read in detail at

Got it? Ok without further ado, here’s how to increase the odds in your favor.

  1. Sit at the first seat at a table that is beginning a new round. This isn’t a requirement, but it will make things a whole lot easier. Sitting at the first seat of a table ensures that random players or “piggybackers” don’t slip in and complicate things. Starting at the beginning of a new round ensures that you get a good look at how many cards are being shuffled and started with.
  1. Count how many decks are being used. Normally, the casino will use anywhere from 5-7 decks, shuffle them around, and place them in a “shoe”- a case where they draw the cards from. In some rare cases, casinos will use one deck. This is ideal, because it makes things a lot simpler (You’ll know why in the next few steps). Some casinos also use machines (card dispensers). If it is a machine, don’t even sit down. Counting cards is impossible because the dealer will constantly stick random amounts of cards back into the machine. Plus, who knows what’s really going on in that machine? There might be a goddamn leprechaun in there just waiting for the chance to mess things up when you bet big.
  1. Assign points and calculate. Any face card, 10, or ace that hits the table equals “-1.” Any 2,3,4,5, or 6 equals “+1,” and any 7,8, 9 is equal to “0”. Get it? Now pay close attention as the dealer starts dealing because it is absolutely critical for you to count the cards correctly. Don’t forget to count the dealers cards as well. Math like this is simple enough (hopefully), and you should be able to cancel out points right when you see it. For example, when a player to your right has a Jack and a 3, then that means +1 and -1, which cancels out to equal zero.

  1. Divide and bet accordingly. After each hand is complete, take your total count and divide by the estimated amount of decks left in the shoe. If it is one deck, then obviously it will always divide by 1, which makes everything so much easier. Otherwise, I suggest that you get used to eyeballing card decks. If you were able to count the number of decks from the beginning, then you have a huge advantage. Simply subtract the number of cards, (hope you were counting), that have been played, to include the burned cards, and you should come up with an exact number for cards left. There’s 52 cards in a deck- do the math. For instance, say you have a count of +3 after several hands, and you know there’s about 5.5 decks remaining in the shoe. Divide 3 by 5.5 and you come up with something close to .54, which is too low. You want at least a +2 or +3 after the dividing in order to bet big. Once you get a positive 2 or 3, then that is the sign for you to bet like a baller. A high numbered result means that there are lots of face cards, 10s, and aces that have a good chance of coming out in the next few hands. Until you get that high number, bet the minimum amount and simply attempt to lose as little as possible.

Once you bet like a baller, sit back and relax. You’ve done your best. The chances that you the player hits a 20 and the dealer hits 21 is slim, but when Lady Luck decides to screw you, she does it pretty hard. I would know, because she’s given it to me rough many many times.

Las Vegas- The Ultimate Destination For Gambling

What is your favorite pastime during this lockdown period? How is it possible to vile away your time without getting bored? To be honest, human beings have it engraved in their psyche that they won’t allow themselves to get bored and find something worthwhile or the other to do just to keep oneself engaged.

In the pre-lockdown phase, things were far better when they were not fined to the constraints of their house and would always be out in pubs, discos and movie theatres to spend quality time with friends and girlfriends.

Another famous ‘sport’ that youngsters enjoy is gambling, which is astonishing as there are way too many things that they can try out and even more so that gambling should be considered a sport or so they consider it as such.

Worthwhile Points

Las Vegas has been classified as the best city in the world and the hub for gambling due to the breathtaking locales and casinos of the highest order that tempts gamblers from all over the world to try their luck out here.

There is an old saying that goes like this, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ and gamblers with a guilty conscience take this statement too literally, which could be one reason that they frequent Las Vegas a little too often.

Therefore, we are going to list out some important tips to be followed while gambling in Vegas and they are:

  • Never play with the locals in the area as they are familiar with the ambience of the casino and experienced players, thereby having the upper hand
  • Time management is important in Judi online as you cannot keep playing without respite, which would indicate that you are obsessed with the game
  • Avoid betting things that you aren’t carrying along because dealers take it as a great offense and might fine you extra
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