Best Paying Slots In Vegas

Best Paying Slots In Vegas

When people cruise down to Las Vegas they come for a lot of things; the excitement of the Elvis impersonator shows, the best-paying slots in Vegas, the endless buffets, and the ridiculously tall motels/casinos. But ultimately everyone will spend some time at the slot machines for reasons that are as varied as the history of the machines themselves. While the lazy ones opt for Bandar bola instead of land-based casinos.

In Australia they are called poker machines, in England, they call them fruit machines but in America, they call them slot machines or just plain slots. And in America, most notably places like Dodge City and Las Vegas, the mystique of the slot machine really found its traction. You see it throughout the history of the machine when people in boom towns would play the only variant at that time and the people of the present head to Nevada looking for the Best paying slots in Vegas… America is a nation that loves its slots.

In 1891 Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn New York built the ancestor of the modern gambling machine. The machine was based on poker hands with five drums with 50 card faces. It was immediately popular and soon machines were featured in many bars across the city. These were nickel slots that paid off often which made them even more popular. After a while, people spent more on the slots than they would on beer.

Charles Fey was the person who invented the one-armed bandit and brought it to San Francisco California, which was a popular gambling destination in its day. Fey changed the machine from a poker-based game, which actually had the issue of paying out too frequently due to all the possible winning poke combinations, into the three spinning wheel mechanism with the symbols of horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and the liberty bell which narrowed the field of victory.

Then in 1907, Herbert Mills, a Chicago manufacturer came along and produced a slot machine he called the Operator Bell. Lots of “bell” machines were installed and by 1908 most bowling alleys, saloons, cigar stores, brothels, and barber stores had a machine. This made history as there were now two three-drum slot machines functional at the same time. Even today you can find the bell and Liberty Belle machines, which spread quickly across the country and have become collector’s items.

Today’s slot machines come with a currency detector that checks the authenticity of the coins inserted. Now modern computing technology has led to many new slot machine ideas, even to the point where flash Internet-based slot machines are being offered. Now people’s hunt for the best-paying slots in Vegas has been extended into the home. But even with all these technological advances, slots are still the most popular form of gambling in even the largest casinos making up about 70 percent of a casino’s average income.

You can have a lot of fun hunting for the different variations on the slot machine and there is even a chance you can find some classic machines that may be worth more than any payout you could win.


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