Casino Chip Collecting is a Fast-Growing Trend Among Gamblers

Casino Chip Collecting is a Fast-Growing Trend Among Gamblers

The next time you go to a major casino, do not spend hours in the gift shops trying to find a great souvenir to take home. You do not have to wander off of the casino floor to find a great collector’s item. Buy a chip to take home, and start a new collection. 

A few years ago, I saw a message board on a Las Vegas website that put casino chip collectors together. The board was lit up with collectors from around the world that was interested in trading parts of their collection for someone else’s. This interested me, so I read further.

I realized that there was a growing number of casino-goers that were getting into collecting chips from their favorite casinos. Having been to Las Vegas, and other hot spots many times, I was surprised that I had never thought about doing this myself. Although, I tried 카지노 토토사이트 that was just completely different from these offline casinos. 

This collecting niche is not just held by those little casino trolls (the little old ladies that walk around with visors and fanny packs in casinos), but the niche also shares the spotlight with the likes of Paris Hilton, Ben Affleck, and poker great Doyle Brunson.

If you are interested in starting a casino chip collection, there are certain things that you have to do to make sure that you get the chips that you want for your collection. You also have to realize that this is not something that many casino owners really want you to do.

A casino chip is technically the property of the casino. All states that allow for gambling have passed laws that enforce this fact. States have passed laws that make it a crime to use casino chips to steal money. There are no laws in any state that have made it illegal to take casino chips.

Las Vegas casinos have realized that chip collecting is quickly becoming very popular among their patrons. You will find chips with the casino logo in the casino’s gift shop. If you go up to the cashier at a casino and ask for a collectors chip, many will be happy to sell you a dollar chip.

While the chip that they sell you may look nice, it is not necessarily the chip that you are looking for. If you pass by a card table, you will notice that the dollar chips that are in use at the table are different from the one that you just purchased at the gift shop, or at the cashier.

You will notice, in many circumstances, that the dollar chip at the gaming table is either a different color than the one you purchased or is silver. This is the chip that you really want for your collection. The question is, how do you get one of these?

If you go to the cashier, nine times out of ten, they will not sell you one of the playable chips unless you are going to buy into a game. If you are going to do this, then you will not have an issue. If you are not a table gambler, you have to get creative on how you are going to get your silver chip.

Many times in the morning, you will find table games that have a dealer but do not have any patrons. I have found that most of the dealers will be happy to sell you a dollar chip if you ask them. They know that they can sell you the chip, and not get in any trouble. The casino is making money, with only a slight loss on investment.

If you run into a dealer that is not interested in selling you a silver chip, you can offer to buy two of them. The second one can be given to them as a tip. While most dealers will go for this, I do not suggest it because you then have paid two dollars for something that you could have gotten for one.

Some people will go to a craps table, and buy six dollars in chips. They will play a five-dollar chip and then pocket the dollar coin chip. I have never done this because I have never been interested in playing with the money that I have set aside for souvenirs. You might enjoy doing this, but I am odd about it.

Another trick that you can do is to find someone who is on their way to the cashier to cash out their winnings, or at least what is left of their money. Show the person a dollar bill, and ask if you can buy a dollar coin chip from them. Most people will be happy to add to your collection.

Around many of the Las Vegas casinos, you will find slot machines called, “Silver Strike.” These are slot machines that can win your silver coin chips. These are not the someones that can be purchased at the table. These are usually actual silver coins that are worth a little bit of money.

There are usually a few different silver coins in a “Silver Strike,” machine. You will find one with a picture of the casino that you are at. You will usually see three different coins that are displayed in the case. One coin will have the casino’s logo, one with just the name of the casino, and one with the casino’s picture.

These are the dream pieces in many casino chip collection. Some of these will sell for over a hundred dollars in some circles. Some coins from the casinos that have recently changed hands have sold for even more. I recently saw a “Silver Strike,” coin that had a picture of the Stardust that was selling for over $300.

There are many shops in Vegas that will purchase these coins, or sell them to you. If you are interested in these coins, you have to make a decision for yourself. You have to decide if it would be cheaper to play the game to try to win these coins, or if it would be cheaper to buy one.

Casino chip collecting is a fun little collection to start if you are an avid gambler like myself. It will open you up to a new world of collectors that are willing to buy or trade for your chips.


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