Heads-Up Texas Holdem: Using Aggression To Win

Heads-Up Texas Holdem: Using Aggression To Win

Many Texas Holdem players believe that heads-up poker is the purest form of poker. I, as an avid Texas Holdem player, happen to agree with this theory. This is certainly the case when speaking of heads-up poker, where just two Texas Holdem players battle one another until one of them is eliminated. This article is about heads-up Texas Holdem poker. You will learn about how you can improve your game and what different strategies you can use in order to defeat your opponents. You also have the option to practice online with the help of pkv online as well.

Heads-up Texas Holdem is not the same as when playing at a full table. Tight players, especially, need to realize that they must loosen up when they play heads up Texas Holdem. Since there are only two players in a heads up Texas Holdem game, there will be many, many more hands played then would normally be played at a full table. This forces the two players to play hands that they normally would not play. Failure to loosen up will only hasten a player’s exit from a heads-up Texas Holdem showdown. Not only does a tight player need to loosen up his game to be successful he also needs to become aggressive if he is not already. Playing a tight passive game at a heads up Texas Holdem table is a recipe for disaster and will almost always fail.

Most Texas Holdem players would fold a hand like Ace-Eight when playing at a full table. This, however, would be a mistake if playing in a heads-up Texas Holdem game because, in such a game, a hand like this would be considered very strong. The key to winning at heads-up Texas Holdem is to basically bully your opponent. Any hand that contains an ace is a hand that you can use to do this because your opponent is not likely to be holding an ace.

Another advantage of playing an aggressive style of Texas Holdem during a heads up game is that this aggression, more often than not, will cause your opponent to make mistakes. Capitalizing on these mistakes is the key to winning at heads up Texas Holdem. Playing an aggressive style of Texas Holdem means that you should never call and you should always raise. If you plan to play a hand in heads-up Texas Holdem, you should be prepared to raise every time. A hand in Texas Holdem that is not good enough to raise with is simply not good enough to play at all. This theory holds water in both full tables and heads-up Texas Holdem games.

When all is said and done, the fearless player will win more often than not. Since heads-up Texas Holdem is all about stealing blinds by bullying your opponent, being fearless is the only way to win. If you can learn the strategy, you will certainly begin to win more than your fair share of heads-up Texas Holdem games.


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