Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Kids, especially young girls, seem to love Minnie Mouse. Thus, why not have a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party this year. Dress the birthday girl up in a Minnie Costume, have plenty of Minnie themed decorations and of course fun games. Here are some Minnie Mouse Birthday Party ideas for your little one where you no longer have to spend huge amount of money just like having the finest casino parties in Texas as these are all cheap and practical.


Highlight the birthday girl by having her wear a cute Minnie Mouse costume. Get an authentic costume at the Disney Store or perhaps just a Minnie shirt and Minnie ears. For the guests, get everyone Mickey Mouse ears. These are good because both boys and girls can wear them. Get a four-count pack of ears for just $3.49 or $0.87 each. These can double as a party favor too.


Some ideas for invitations include printing out an invitation on pink or red polka dot paper with a graphic of Minnie in the corner. Another easy idea is to order customized invitations that you print yourself. There are many options at uprintinvitations.com.

Decorations and Supplies

Make a cute banner by cutting out silhouettes of mouse ears and taping them onto a string or ribbon. Use black construction paper for the silhouettes. An easy way to decorate is to get a Minnie Mouse party supply kit. For $29.00, get plates, napkins, cups, a plastic table cover, invitations, a banner, a Minnie Mouse Centerpiece, 20 pink balloons, candles, streamers and more. This kit is designed for a party of eight people. Get it at partycity.com.


Using a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter, cut sandwiches, pizza, cheese and jello jigglers into cute mouse eared shapes. Find a small metal Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter for $2.44 at meritaline.com. Pink lemonade is a great drink.

Games and Activities

An inexpensive game for the party is stick the flower on Minnie’s dress. Party America has this game for just $4.99. It comes with a big colorful poster of Minnie along with twelve adhesive flowers. The game is the same as pin the tail on the donkey.

Use music from Mickey’s Clubhouse to play musical chairs or freeze dance. A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD has lots of fun songs including many of the characters, like Minnie. You can purchase this CD for $12.99 at toyrus.com. Or purchase a few select tunes online.


It seems that lately, some of the Minnie Mouse pans are hard to come by. Yet never fear; find many different types of Minnie Mouse cake pans on ebay.com. Another idea is to get a sheet cake and have the cake shop put on a graphic of Minnie. If you are handy with frosting you can try this too. You can easily take a Mickey Mouse cake pan and add a bow and eyelashes for Minnie. Also, there are Minnie Mouse cake toppers.


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