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Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio will get a multi-million dollar casino If a group called My Ohio Now has its way. They want to build a massive $600-million casino…

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RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

A lot of people don’t look into thieving because at lower levels the experience is just too slow, but in the end you will be…

Playstation Network Suspended; Free Online Gaming at a Price

Playstation Network Suspended; Free Online Gaming at a Price

There are two grand statements a Playstation 3 owner can whip out when engaged in debate with an X-box 360 or Wii owner over who…

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Agen DominoQQ is a great game to play online. But if you wish to play a game that lets you build a life in a…

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Intro and Basic Strategy for Omaha Hi Poker

With the huge increase in the popularity of Texas Holdem over the past couple years, another poker game is gaining popularity with poker fans around the country. It is all over, where a huge player community is talking about the game and its splendid gameplay features. That game is Omaha. Some people play Omaha Hi/low (splitting pot between best high and low hands), but for this introduction I’ll just handle Omaha Hi.

The biggest difference between Omaha Hi and Texas is that each player starts with four “hole cards” instead of the 2 in Texas Holdem. You bet after your hole cards are dealt, and then after the flop, turn, and river cards just like as in Texas Holdem. Many beginners get confused and make a wrong assumption though in the game and end up losing quite a lot of money. The key is you CAN ONLY AND MUST USE ONLY 2 HOLE CARDS when you assemble your 5 card hand. Another way to look at this is you must use exactly 3 cards from the board. I will give a couple examples below to further explain this.

Say you have A of spades, K of spades, Q of spades, J of spades as your hold cards. Looks like a great hand, and could be, but don’t forget the rules. Say the board has Ac, 3c, 7d on the flop, 10s on the turn, and 6h on the river. Some will claim they have a Royal Flush, but in reality all you have are a pair of Aces! You don’t even have a flush because remember you must use three cards from the board and only two from your hand.

So, what are good starting hands in Omaha Hi? Well some refer to Omaha Hi as a game dominated by flushes, and straights. This is true. A nice starting hand would be something like As, 10s, Ah, 6h. As you can see if either 3 hearts or three spades end up on the board you will have the top flush. Also let’s say another A shows on the board, along with a pair on the board, you have the top full house.

Hands such as four of a kind will rarely show up on the game, but if they do and you are holding a flush or full house, judge your opponent carefully, if he’s a conservative player but keeps raising you, especially if there is a set on the board you would probably be better off folding. If there is a pair on the board he might be betting on his full house, but then you never know he could have that same pair in his hole cards, so knowing your opponents betting styles is key.

There are several hands that people tend to over-value. These are high pairs, and two pair hands. Remember if out of the 5 cards on the board there is a chance to make a straight adding two hole cards and you are playing with 4 or more people, odds are someone most likely has a straight, especially if they start betting big. Also if there are three cards of the same suit out of the 5 on the board, it’s most likely someone will have a flush, and even if you have one, if it’s not headed by the Q or higher and someone starts betting big, be concerned that you are drawing dead in the hand.

Another hand people tend to over-value is three of a kind when a pair shows up on the board. Keep in mind that yes, you might have three of a kind, but someone else might have the 4th card of that rank in their hole cards and another from the board to make a full house to beat you. Also keep in mind if the pair on the board which you have the matching hole card to make a set with is a low pair, someone else might have a pocket pair matching one of the other cards on the board giving them a higher full house.

Hopefully this will give you some good introductory strategies for how to play Omaha Hi and what types of hands to be concerned about. Keep in mind Omaha Hi is a game where you need to be able to envision all the possible hands your opponents could have, and read their bidding. Omaha tends to keep more people in the betting than Texas and can make for some fun conversations after the hand. I hope you enjoy playing.

How to Play Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the most popular type of poker played. The World Series of Poker online on ESPN displays Texas Hold ’em games. Having a basic knowledge of what poker hands beat which is a must before playing Hold ’em. Assuming you know the basics of poker Texas Hold ’em is not much different then regular poker. This is how you play a basic game of Hold ’em: So relax, sit down and learn how to master the game of Texas Hold’em. 

Step 1: Shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards. Before dealing or cutting takes place, you must first decide if you are going to play an for ante or small and big blinds. Ante is a standard number like 1 dollar that all players must put in before the hand is dealt. If you choose to play small and big blinds, you must decide what number will be the minimum bet. Taking 1 dollar as the minimum again, the player to the left of the dealer puts in half of the minimum (50 cents) this is the small blind. The person to the left of the small blind puts in the full minimum of 1 dollar, this person is the big blind.

Step 2: Have the person to the right cut the deck or they can pass. Now the dealer gives each person 1 card in a clockwise fashion (deal to your left), and then a second card both of which are face down. All players may look at their cards but not show them to another player. Now each person has the option to fold, check or bet. Each player must match the minimum bet (1 dollar in this case). Players may choose to get rid of their cards and not play (fold), check if they’ve already bet (the big blind in this case.) or they may choose to bet a certain amount of money. The person to the left of the big blind goes first, and play proceeds clockwise until the person with the big blind is reached. He may either choose to check or raise. Three sets of raises are commonly all that’s allowed.

Step 3: Now the dealer takes the top card of the deck and removes it. Placing the card face down away from the other cards (this is called burning a card). Then he takes the top 3 cards and places them face up next to the deck. This is called The Flop.

Step 4: Another round of betting takes place after the flop. Players may choose to check, fold or bet.

Step 5: The dealer again takes the top card off the deck placing face down away from the other cards. This time he only takes 1 card and places it face up next to the already 3 face up cards. This is called The Turn.

Step 6: Betting again takes place. Players may choose to check, fold or bet.

Step 7: The dealer takes another card off the top of the deck placing it face down away from the other cards. He takes the top card and places it face up along side the other 4 cards. This is called The River.

Step 8: Betting takes place after the river for the last time. Players may choose to check, fold or bet. Each player may only use 5 cards to make a hand, and must announce their hand upon turning over their cards. The person who bet last is the first to turn over. Whoever has the highest hand wins.

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party for Girls

My daughter, who will be three in just a few short weeks, is madly in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. While I never intended to limit my child’s interests based upon her gender, I was surprised that she developed such a strong fascination with the book series and product line. My little tomboy doesn’t yet know that she isn’t “supposed to” like trains; she simply knows that she enjoys Thomas the Tank Engine.

When we explored different themes for her birthday party, she declined every other offer I made. Obviously, as a child, she never enjoys a usual Denver casino night party that we have with our friends. No, she didn’t want a zoo party, a tropical fish party, a dinosaur party, or a Clifford the Big Red Dog party. She wanted one theme and one alone: Thomas the Tank Engine.

If your daughter wants a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party and you want to give it a more feminine or gender-neutral flair, these tips can help.

  1. Respect your daughter’s wishes. If your girl is determined to have a “boy” party and doesn’t want a single touch of pink or purple in her party’s decor, respect that. There’s nothing wrong with having a girl who has stereotypically male interests, and there’s nothing wrong with a girl who isn’t into the glitter and flair of girly birthday parties. Feminize the Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party only if it’s what your daughter agrees to.
  2. Consider flowers. As stereotypical as it may be, flowers are traditionally associated with girls, so they can help to feminize a train-themed birthday party. I chose to have flowers at my daughter’s party not to fit gender stereotypes, but to keep the theme appropriate for an outdoor party in spring.
  3. Let your daughter pick the balloons. Look for colors seen elsewhere in the party’s decor– plates, flowers, cake, and so on. Even within these boundaries, it should be very easy to find gender-neutral colors. Bring out a collision of red latex balloons to complement Thomas’s red stripes. Percy the Tank Engine’s green colors also look great on balloons. If your daughter wants to, you can also select purple and pink balloons to make the party uniquely feminine.
  4. Look for “girl” trains. I’m not sure what makes a tank engine male or female, but there are several female train characters in Thomas the Tank Engine, including Emily, Lady, and the coach cars Annie and Clarabel. Although party decorations showing these characters are hard to come by, you may be able to special-order products that features these mechanical girls.
  5. Emasculate the cake. Most pre-order Thomas the Tank Engine cakes are made for boys. If it’s what your child wants, stick it to the stereotypes and ask the cake decorator to make it girlier. Button-flowers along the train tracks? Pink trim? A butterfly or two? Most cake decorators will gladly oblige if you ask them to personalize the birthday cake to suit a little girl’s own preferences.

At the end of the day, it isn’t fair to limit your daughter’s interests based upon her gender. Career segregation was the foundation for centuries of patriarchy and oppression of women. In today’s times, there is nothing wrong with a girl having a train party or a boy having a pony party. But, if it’s what you both want, it’s always possible to make the theme a bit girlier.

Surprise! Drag Racing is One of the Top 3 Sports in the U.S

It’s been discussed over and over as to who is the bigger, badder, best sport around. Obviously more people watch football whether its the NFL (who’s #1 overall) or college football. Nascar has a claim as #2 overall although some of the stick and ball folks don’t agree. Baseball is the national past-time.

Yea yea yea, everyone’s the best. But as far as real facts done by independent research, drag racing ranks right up there as the 2nd most popular motorsport and just a notch under Nascar as the 3rd largest sport in America. It’s calculated a few different ways but drag racing has somewhere between 35 and 75 million fans – Yes, quite a variation but it depends on what is is, so to speak. All sports vary when calculating what a fan is. It would seem drag racing is certainly a major league sport. While most other sports are failing or losing fans, drag racing continues to climb up (source ESPN).

Here’s some interesting info you may not know about the demographics of a drag racing fan:

Drag racing is the #1, yes NUMBER ONE sport offering good value for the money (source – Sports Business Journal).

More than 9 out of 10 visit fast food restaurants every month (more than average Americans), yet nearly the same amount also visit sit-down restaurants (also more than average Americans).

Drag racing fans are a third more likely to drink beer – some may say no surprise BUT, by almost the same %, more are apt to drink regular beverages (soda pop) – just consume more, period (source for food  amp; beer, Scarborough Research).

NHRA fans are some of the most diverse when compared with Nascar; drag racing has 14% more Black-American’s and 26% more Latino’s (source – Scarborough Research).

98%, essentially everyone, feel positively about the sponsors.

There are more participants in drag racing than any other sport – NHRA is the largest professional motorsports organization in the world.

All other facts and figures sourced from EventCorp Services.

A rarity: An ever-growing sport

The wild and spectacularly exciting activities of drag racing are amazing to view (especially in person) but some of the underlying numbers to the sport support what really is one of the most astoundingly solid and genuinely authentic American sports. Whereas many sports are shrinking in popularity, drag racing continues to grow. There are many more unique and incredible stats about drag racing but you have to admit, it is one very popular sport. And you might have not have known that. It’s the best kept secret in sports. Perception has a lot to do with it and I may opine on the subject but that’s for another day. So the next time you go to the races or watch them or any sport for that matter, consider the facts behind them and remember, drag racing fans are the most brand loyal in all of advertising and marketing – there’s a reason. They love the sport and keep coming back in droves.

Now drag racing fans attention spans are only a few seconds long at a quarter mile … but nothing is as fast.

Keep in mind that drag racing is no child’s play and is out of the question for the faint hearted as once deciding to go for it, there will be no turning back, with Koreans being especially particular about safety as they practice it out regularly at 안전토토사이트.

RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

A lot of people don’t look into thieving because at lower levels the experience is just too slow, but in the end you will be making millions and wearing a nice purple skill cape that only a few have. This guide will show you the fastest way to 99 thieving, with experience rates of up to 250k experience per hour. Follow me, as I am a master of thieving myself.

The Beginning (Levels 1-17)

You can complete the quest Fight Arena for a cool 3,375 experience in thieving, which should lift you up to about level 17 or you could simply pickpocket men and women until you’ve gotten enough exp. Be careful if you’re a skiller pickpocketing because they can hit and stun you (which will do little damage but it builds up).

Caked (Levels 17-30)

Head over to the Ardougne market, which is easily recognized on the world map by all the stalls here. There will be a Bakery Stall, from which you will be stealing. You’ll get 16 experience per steal. Be careful here because there are knights and guards that will attack you if they catch you. If this happens you can simply kill them or you can run away and come back. I suggest you drop everything, but bank the cakes as they will be useful for other skills or even pickpocketing later.

Warrior Women (Levels 30-38)

For this stage, you’ll have to stay over at Ardougne, but this time you’ll be pickpocketing warrior women! Remember when I told you to keep the cakes? This is an example of when you’ll need them. Everytime she stuns you, I suggest eating a slice of cake.

Master Farmers (Levels 38-45 or 71)

This part is fun because you’ll start getting some cash money. You’ll head over to Draynor Village and pickpocket Master Farmers. Keep their seeds, as some of them are valuable or can be used to level up farming. You’ll probably make 500k going from levels 38 to 45 or even a few million if you decide to do it from 38 to 71. Make sure you have some cake or other kinds of food because he will stun you too.

Sorceress Garden (Levels 45-71)

If you stayed at Master Farmers to 71, you can skip this part, otherwise read on. From here on out you’ll want to do the minigame Sorceress Garden. To play this minigame, you must complete the quest “Prince Ali Rescue.” To play this game, you’ll need a pestle and mortar and beer glasses. Your inventory should consist of one pestle and mortar and then 25 empty beer glasses. Use the Autumn Garden from 45-65 and then finish off using the Summer Garden from 65-71. After you finish the maze, pick up the fruit and use it with the beer glass to make the juice. Then trade it to Osman, who is outside of the Al Kharid castle for some great experience.

The Journey Ends (Levels 71-99)

For the end, you’ll be playing Pyramid Plunder. This minigame is dangerous and completing the quest “Ichtlarin’s Little Helper” is required. You will need a lot of super anti poisons and food. I suggest bringing 3 or 4 anti poisons and 10 sharks or monkfish. The object is to get through the pyramid as fast as you can. You can loot the treasure for some decent cash, and if you get the Pharaoh’s Sceptre you can sell it at the Grand Exchange for around 500k. These can teleport you straight to the minigame, so you don’t have to take the long walk there.

At this point, you should be finished and can obtain your skill cape from Martin Thwait at the Rogues’ Den for 99,000 coins. Congratulations and go show off your skill cape, which only 20,000 players in the world have! Before starting the game, guidance should be taken over the verification through the 먹튀검 websites. The experience of the gamers will be good while playing on the verified websites.

What’s In A (Team) Name And Why Is It Important?

There’s a line in the movie BASEketball about sports teams relocating; “The Lakers moved to LA, where there are no lakes. The Oilers moved to Tennessee where there is no oil. The Jazz moved to Utah where they don’t allow music.”

Granted, the Houston Oilers changed their name to the Tennessee Titans so that joke is moot, but I digress. Sports teams relocating has become commonplace and some unusual sports names have resulted. The question I want to know is why not change the name when a team moves? Why not develop a new identity with your new city? The answer, in one word, is history.

I have always been of the mindset that you can’t buy history. You can’t buy the past. You can’t buy moments in time. A southern billionaire can’t go buy the Civil War and say “guess what, we won it now!” Yet, in sports, a billionaire from Oklahoma City can buy an NBA team in Seattle, move them to the dust bowl and then claim a championship won in 1979, by the Seattle SuperSonics, as property of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I believe that all relocated teams should be treated as expansion teams. All the history of the former team can sit in limbo, waiting for another team to return to that city. If it never does, that team’s history goes in the books, never to be touched again. The new city gets a new name, new history, the only constant from its former self is the players and coaches.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things work. Sometimes team names are generic and can be reused without qualms. The Rochester Royals moved to Kansas City and were renamed the Kings who then moved to Sacramento, and look to potentially be on their way out of there as well. But Kings can be anywhere. It’s not specific to a location. Sometimes, albeit very rarely, a team moves to a city where their team name actually fits better. The San Diego Rockets moved to Houston, home of NASA. The Fort Wayne Pistons moved to Detroit, the Motor City.

Other times, a team from Minneapolis is named for the Great Lakes but is then relocated to Los Angeles and stays the Lakers. By now they have been in LA so long no one knows the difference, except for us traditionalists, and every once in a while some young fan will ask “what’s a Laker, anyway?” Or a team from New Orleans, a city known for its strong jazz tradition, moves to Utah and doesn’t change their name. Oh, those Utah Jazz. A sign up can be made to the 토토사이 to get the verification of the sports. it is a gaming verification website that will provide true image of the game for playing.

The New Orleans Jazz originally used purple, yellow and green as their colors to match with the colors of the Mardi Gras floats and decorations. In Utah, these colors meant nothing and were changed, although this year they were changed back but with navy blue replacing purple. New Orleans has a new team now, the Hornets, relocated from Charlotte. The Hornets have a special uniform that uses the old Jazz color scheme, but it’s only used during Mardi Gras.

The NBA has a perfect opportunity here, one that they should immediately (but never will) take advantage of. You see, Utah is nicknamed the “beehive state.” There is a minor league baseball team named the Salt Lake Bees. Do you see where I’m going here? The NBA could, and should, switch team names between Utah and New Orleans. The New Orleans Jazz would return, and the Utah Hornets would be born.

Why would the league do this? To get under that rock of having the most oxymoronic team name in all of pro sports for one, and for the same reason the owners would do this; marketability. Both teams would be able to connect with their fan base better, plus both would be able to sell all new merchandise. Utah Hornets jerseys, New Orleans Jazz hats and tees. Everything currently made, remade. Everyone would have to re-buy all their team gear.

Why won’t the league do this? It goes back to that old issue of history. If the Jazz had left their name and history in New Orleans, we wouldn’t be in this predicament (here’s my “I told you so” moment). Since they didn’t, however, now we’re stuck wondering where the history goes if this were to happen. Would the Hornets history go to Utah? Certainly one would think the original New Orleans Jazz history would go back to Big Easy, but what of all the history they created in Utah? Karl Malone and John Stockton never played in New Orleans. So then does the Utah Jazz era stay with the new Utah Hornets? Then does Bobby Phills’s retired number 13 go to Utah or stay in New Orleans? He never played for either city!

These are the questions that the NBA would have to sort out and, frankly, they just don’t want to put that kind of effort into it. So while it may seem like such a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, solution, there are just too many questions about history and tradition. All of which leads me back to my original point that history should not be bought, it should not be sold and it should not be relocated. Those moments belong to that city, to those fans. You can take my team, but you can’t have my memories. And as long as owners are allowed to purchase a team’s history, those are all we, as fans, have left.

“Call Of The Dead”: New “Black Ops” Zombie Map

The makers of Call Of Duty have come out with a brand new zombie map that is a wonderful edition to zombie playing on Black Ops. This map has brand new characters, two brand new weapons, one new perk, and a new and unique style of game play. This map has plenty of exciting twists and turns that you will have to figure out on your own, that is if you want to live! Be ready for quite a few exciting Easter eggs as well, and an adventure around every corner.

Call Of The Dead features new characters whom are famed horror actors such as Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michael Rooker, and Robert Englund. It also features the renowned horror movie director, George A. Romero. However, George Romero’s character is much different then the other characters, lets just say he keeps things very interesting. The two new weapons include a sniper, and a large wonder gun type of weapon are shown Judi Bola Terpercaya in the sequence of games which increases interest of the player towards the game. The new Sniper is great, at first you shoot a bullet at a zombie, like you would with a regular sniper, and after a few seconds it acts like a cross bow and explodes where ever you shot the bullet. I call the other new gun the humanizer, it is great to have if you are in a sticky situation because it turns the zombie you shoot at into a human, and the human will distract surrounding zombies for a few seconds. Call Of The Dead has every perk, plus one new one. While no one is 100% sure what this new perk does, most people seem to think that it either gives you double head shot points, or provides a steadier aim.

This fantastic map is very large, it is the largest zombie map in Black Ops. The map looks like an abandoned location in a cold antarctic like climate. There are two large wrecked boats, a big light house, abandoned, torn up buildings, several bridges and pathways, and plenty of open terrain. There are several good guns that you are available to purchase off the wall, you can also purchase frag grenades off of the wall as well. Of course there are mystery box’s on the map, like every other map has. This map has a pack a punch machine which tends to move around quite a bit. Don’t worry though, the light coming from the light house will point to where the pack a punch machine is located.

In this map the zombies look different and George A. Romero’s character is a gigantic, powerful, and very intimidating zombie. Some of the zombies on the map are very fast and will almost be able to run as fast as you. Unlike the other zombies on the map, if you try to shoot George it will worsen the situation. After you shoot George, he gets very angry and slams his large electrified hammer on the ground. When he does this it effects all of the players by distorting their vision. After he slams his hammer on the ground he runs after you and tries to swing his hammer at you, which you can imagine isn’t good. You may be thinking if he runs after you it will be no big deal. However George is no sloth, he is extremely fast. The best ways to avoid George from trying to attack you are to not shoot at him, or get too close to him. The good news is there is a way to calm George down once he is in this angry mood, you simply guide him to the water. There has been a rumor that you can kill George, however this rumor has not yet been validated.

You can purchase the Call Of The Dead map, along with 3 other great non zombie multiplayer maps for 1200 Microsoft points. Yes, the price tag is high, but it is definitely worth it! I have left out a few special things about the map that you will need to figure out your self. I don’t want to spoil all of the fun in finding out the special twists which this map has. Expect this map to be very hard at first, you will feel like you ‘suck’. No worries though, although this map is harder then Ascension, Five, or Kino, you will get used to it and progressively get better. I strongly recommend this map to anyone who enjoys a fantastic game of Zombies.

The New York Jets’ Offseason Profile

In the 2006 NFL season the New York Jets exceeded all expectations and made the playoffs as a wild card with a 10-6 record. That’s not bad for a team in a so called “rebuilding year” in the competitive AFC. Of course they did lose in the first round to the Patriots, so although they may not be in complete rebuilding mode, the Jets are by no means a top tier, well balanced team just yet.

At the beginning of last season the biggest, of the many, looming question marks was Quarterback Chad Pennington’s arm. He had begun his starting career after sitting behind Heisman winner Testaverde, and he started on fire, in 2004 taking his team into the second round of the playoffs and very nearly the conference championships. Then the arm problems began, the Jets missed the playoffs, and the Dynasty quarterback was on the verge of being replaced. Only no one seemed to be able to successfully do the job, not even the return of Vinny Testaverde out of retirement. Another hopeful replacement, the former Redskin Patrick Ramsey, was set to be the starter for 2006. Then Pennington exceeded expectations, recovered, and took the Jets to the playoffs again. So for the present and hopefully the future the Quarterback question has been answered very well.

The other looming question at the start of the 2006 season was the advancing age of former pro bowl running back Curtis Martin, now treading into his thirties. So the Jets had a couple of hopeful replacements if something should happen, which turned out to be a smart move. Martin was injured bad very early in the season, and thus decided that he would be retiring his stellar career. This was the chance for the back ups to show their stuff, but the halfbacks groomed for the job did seemed to be working well, the biggest disappointment being Kevin Barlow. Then an exciting, new talent came up under the radar, sharing time with current starter Blaylock. This new talent, Leon Washington, proved to be a speedy addition to the ground game. After the season the management, seeing Washington as the best back of the season but too small to hold the starting job alone, received Bear’s running back Thomas Jones in trade, giving the running game a great one-two punch. Thus the problem of running backs seems to have been solved.

Now to the areas unsolved as yet, the questions poised more and more as the draft looms. Most pressing are the defense backs which are either young and inexperienced or old and slower than before. So a good shut down cornerback would be a blessing for a slack secondary. Marcus McCauley from Fresno State or Darrelle Revis from Pittsburgh would be good choices and might bring a nice boost to the defense, but the defensive line could use help as well.

Sadly the Jets have had to say goodbye to the days of a first rate defensive line. Shaun Ellis alone remains, and his help is mostly young and untested. It goes without saying that a replacement for the sack minded Abraham is needed at defensive end. Paul Posluszny from Penn State might be beneficial to the line as he combines a linebacker’s speed with a lineman’s size.

Slightly less pressing then the defensive concerns but still important is the receiving corps. Only two receivers, Laverneus Coles and Jerricho Cotchery, can be trusted with full loads for the coming season. With only two valid threats in the passing game the opposing defenses will not only be able to provide coverage but slaughter the ground attack as well. Thus a third passing option, preferably a tight end, would be of great help to the offense. Greg Olsen from Miami could be a great asset at tight end, yet as ESPN declares, he is somewhat of a hot pick and might go earlier.

At this point defense, either secondary or line, is the most pressing matter, and it should be at the forefront of the managements’ minds as they choose a first round pick. And with two good cornerbacks looming as late first round picks, the best choice for the Jets might be to snatch one of these player’s up. Of course if Olsen is still alive when the two minutes starts, a boost to the offense could be two appetizing to pass up.

National Football League is a tournament that all football fans wait for eagerly and it is nothing short of a national event where everyone watches the matches glued to their television sets without flinching and numerous people register to the football index sign up offer to get relevant details about the matches to take place.

The Stock Market Casino: Play it like BlackJack

We have all heard terms like “Wall Street Casino” and “stock market casino”. In some cases, the terms are used by companies promoting investments in gold and other precious metals or commodities. In many cases, the intent is to convey the idea that the financial markets are by, for, and of seasoned, possibly unscrupulous professionals and that small or “amateur” investors stand no chance and are doomed to lose money. Which is why it is important to be careful as you invest in stock market. You can easily lose your money and face critical loses. This is where qqturbo is going to help you. You can easily learn the art of investment and management with the tips and recommendations there.

In many ways, the analogy is a fair one. Casinos exist to make money. The majority of their revenue is the result of separating gamblers from their bankroll. However, there are casino games and casino games. In a simple game of casino blackjack, the ” house’s edge” is about 5% if the player hits and stands according to the same rules as the dealer. If the player makes his decisions on when to hit or stand based on some simple arithmetic principles, he can roughly cut the “house’s edge” in half. If he goes one step further and “doubles down” or “splits a pair” at the right time (again, purely based on what the numbers he sees tell him), the “house’s edge” is halved again, down to a little over 1 %, at least giving the gambler a fighting chance. Teams of professional card counters can actually flip the “house’s edge” in their favor. Short of being a professional gambler, just understanding the numbers and knowing how to play make a huge difference. One of the keys is having the discipline to make your decisions based purely on numbers, leaving any emotional component out of the equation.

The financial markets are fraught with potential perils which make a casino game look tame by comparison. High frequency trading, hedge funds, and synthetic financial derivatives are among the vehicles which give large investors tremendous leverage and can cause the markets to swing wildly, both up and down. The small investor can feel as though he is being swept along by forces he cannot see and does not understand.

You can insulate yourself from unseen markets forces by staying away altogether. However, the trade-off for the safety of not risking your capital is accepting money market returns of less than one percent. A better approach is to position yourself like a blackjack player would, making decisions based on the numbers, not emotion. Many books have been written about market psychology and the chemical changes which take place in the human brain as investment (and gambling) decisions are made. The small investor must successfully fight human nature in order to make decisions unemotionally and avoid the trap of “Buy high, Sell low”, resulting from uninformed wishful thinking followed by panic.

Some simple facts that most of us know and understand but frequently ignore are:

Over time, the broad stock market indexes have an upward bias.    The broad markets always “revert to the mean”. ie If the S P; 500 is above the 50 and 200 day moving averages, it will eventually fall and cross both curves. Conversely, if it is below the 50 day and 200 day moving averages, it will eventually rise and cross both curves.

Just knowing the above two facts is not, in and of itself, sufficient information to make informed investment decisions. The S P; 500 has been basically stagnant for both a 5 year and 10 year period. Most of us don’t have enough time to rely purely on the “upward bias” effect.

So, what do you do?…

  1. I avoid individual stocks. In spite of laws that have been passed in reaction to financial crises , are you 100% confident that there is not another ENRON lying in wait for unsuspecting victims? Even if a company is not engaged in criminal activity, you can still be undone by ineptitude ie KODAK. Investing in index funds smooths out the bumps which can be caused by one company’s misfortunes. Also, although not predictable, the broad indexes do conform somewhat to a semi-regular pattern. Specifically, the 50 and 200 day moving averages of the S P; 500 (and the Dow 30 and Nasdaq , and other broad market groups) resemble a long, lazy, irregular sine wave with a slight upward slope.
  2. I try to invest new money in index funds ( I typically stick with something which mirrors the S P; 500 or 2X the S P; 500) mainly when the market is below the 50 day and 200 moving averages. My wife and I follow this pattern in her retirement account; 75% of new money goes into the index fund when the market is where I want it, only 15% when it’s above the curves. If you do nothing else, following the discipline of investing in index funds only when the market is below the 50 and 200 day moving averages will serve you well. The chart below illustrates this point. The rough circles I’ve drawn take in the time periods when I would have recommended pouring money into an index fund. The rough middle of each shape is marked and the resultant average entry point comes out to about 1113 on the S P; 500. By comparison, the lowest S P; 500 close in this period of time is 1023, only 8.8% below the average entry point, while the highest close is 1364- 18.4% above the average entry point. Following my recommended discipline based only on the numbers tends to get you into the market much closer to the bottom than the top.
  3. In my own retirement account, I trade more frequently and aggressively. My approach can be explored in more detail at . However, I still prefer to enter an index fund (in this case S P; 500 2X) below the moving averages. The additions are : taking short term profits rather than emphasizing a long term approach and using a Dow 30 2X Inverse Fund either as a pure offensive play or to protect a long position when the market is heading down.

When it comes to stock market investing, think like a blackjack player. Make your decisions based on numbers and leave emotion out of the picture.

Basics of Learning Poker

If you want to get good at driving a golf ball or juggling 3 balls my advice would be to simply to practice those actions a lot. Unlike most activities, poker is very hard to master simply by playing poker because poker doesn’t give immediate and clear feedback. Sometimes you can play a hand perfectly correct and still lose money, other times you can play a hand terribly and still win big. It’s not until several thousand or hundred thousand hands till your poker decisions become obviously profitable or not. For this reason, learning poker strategy is essential to being a profitable poker player.

The two words that will guide all your decisions during your journey of learning poker will be “tight” and “aggressive.” Playing tight means only playing the best hands. Loose players justify playing poor pocket cards because they want to have fun playing poker and folding often isn’t fun. Tight players on the other hand believe that making money playing poker is fun and know that folding average hands is the key to making money. Playing passive means a player is simply checking or calling frequently. Passive players don’t make any strategic moves in poker, rather they follow the lead of aggressive players. Aggressive players either bet, raise or fold but rarely call. It is much easier to let others take the lead, which is why so many unprofitable players do so, while playing aggressively means you have to make decisions. You just have to put yourself in a situation where you are just playing situs judi bola online terpercaya, all you have to do is to make wise decisions for you to be victorious.

Secondly, you must also respect position on the table. An early position player acts before a later position. In a 10 player game the first 4 players to act are in early position, the next 3 are in middle position and the final 3 are in late position. It is very important to recognize the substantial advantage later positions have in the game. The reason for this is simply a knowledge factor. Late position players can act knowing how the early position players played their hands while early position players have to act without knowing anything of the late position players hands. For this reason it is important that early position players play extra tight, their hands must be able to overcome the disadvantage of being in poor position. On the other hand late position players can take considerably more risks with their choice of hands – though still tight.

In the process to be a profitable poker player, the first step you take is learning the right hands to go into the game with, also known as pre-flop strategy. While simply learning proper preflop strategy will not make you the best player at the table it will, however, cover up the simplest mistakes made by rank beginners. Several online tables offer guidelines for preflop play. Commit these to memory. Once you can choose correct preflop hands you should start learning proper play on the flop. Fortunately this knowledge will make a breakeven player into a winning player. Do not get caught up in having a perfect preflop game, most of your edge in small stakes limit poker will be plays on the flop. And finally, from there learning turn and river play will tighten up your game.

Good Luck.


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