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Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio will get a multi-million dollar casino If a group called My Ohio Now has its way. They want to build a massive $600-million casino…

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RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

RuneScape: 99 Thieving Guide to cross the difficult levels efficiently

A lot of people don’t look into thieving because at lower levels the experience is just too slow, but in the end you will be…

Playstation Network Suspended; Free Online Gaming at a Price

Playstation Network Suspended; Free Online Gaming at a Price

There are two grand statements a Playstation 3 owner can whip out when engaged in debate with an X-box 360 or Wii owner over who…

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Valuable Cheats and Tricks for The Sims 3 you must learn

Agen DominoQQ is a great game to play online. But if you wish to play a game that lets you build a life in a…

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Casino Profile Of Harrah’s Las Vegas! Have A look

Starting July 28th, Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel and casino will be the host for the 10,000-dollar buy in World Series of Poker main event. This World Series is expecting more entrants then any other one in its 37-year history. There are estimates that there will be close to 8,000 participants in this year’s event. To accommodate for the expected large number of participants, “day one” of the tournament will be spread out over four days. Each day an expected 2,000 poker players will be dwindled down to 800. Not only will there be a huge amount of players, but the fans that follow their favorite players will be somewhere in the tens of thousands. If you were hoping for a room at Harrah’s Las Vegas between July 28th and August 10th, the dates of the main event, then you are doing just that, hoping. But, the following will give an overview of the hotel and casino if you do wish to visit Harrah’s at a more opportune time.

The first thing that you will notice about Harrah’s is its location. Harrah’s is positioned exactly in the middle of the strip. This is very convenient for all of its customers because it’s the same distance to everything. If you prefer not walk you can purchase a bus pass from the hotel lobby for five dollars that is good for 24 hours.

From Monday-Thursday you can expect to pay around 70 dollars for one of the 2,725 rooms. On the weekends these prices jump to about 150 dollars. If you are lucky enough to have a room during the World Series of Poker main event then you are probably paying around 240 dollars a night, the price you will pay for a room when any big event is in town. Some of the amenities of the room include a whirlpool and a mini bar. Also included in the hotel is a gym, but you will be charged in extra 20 dollars a day to use it. If you are hungry after arriving you can head downstairs and take your pick from one of the six restaurants located inside of Harrah’s.

At Harrah’s you can have you choice between Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill to The Penazzi Italian Ristorante. You can also choose from an Asian specialty restaurant, Ming’s Table, or The Range Steakhouse. All of the above restaurant choices have dress codes between dressy and casual. If you are in a hurry to hit the gaming floor and left your sports jacket at home or in your room, you can choose to eat at Flavors, which is a very expansive buffet. Here you will find a wide selection of foods from seafood to Chinese, and you can be in and out of there quicker than the time it will take you to win a slot machine jackpot.

Speaking of those slot machines, there are more than 1,200 of them spread out over the 79,300 square feet of gaming area Harrah’s has to offer. The Harrah’s owned casinos throughout America are famous for there penny slot machines, and they do not let you down in Las Vegas either. Also, if you were hoping to wager a little more than a penny, you can place slot machines wagers all the way up to 500 dollars.

Of course, if slot machines are not your thing then you can play one of the other table games spread out throughout the casino. Among the games are casino favorites such as blackjack, craps, and roulette. They also have some of the not so traditional games such as Pai Gow and Caribbean poker, and Let it ride. Most of these tables have a minimum of five dollars up to a maximum of 500 a bet.

Coming up at the end of July, the poker room will be the main feature of the hotel. When Harrah’s is not hosting WSOP events, they generally have about 20 tables of poker going. Here you can find limits ranging from 3/6-limit hold’em all the way up to 10/20 no limit. They also offer lower limit Omaha and stud games. Upon special request you can get permission from the poker room manager to open up a higher limit table, a request they will probably hear quite a bit as the WSOP rolls into town. As an added bonus you can have food brought to you, free of charge, while playing at the tables. There are also 15 big screen TV’s located in the poker room, so if you place a bet in the adjoining sports book you can wait on the result right from your chair in the poker room.

If sports betting is indeed your thing, then you will find yourself in heaven inside the sports book Harrah’s has to offer the games of situs casino online which has variety of bet sequences with proper detailing of ratios for better gameplay. They have 55 televisions to choose from, showing sporting events from all across the world. If you find yourself hungry during the event you wagered on, you can walk right over to the Winning Streaks bar and grill. In the restaurant, which is connected to the sports book, they have an additional 14 televisions so you never have to take your eyes off the game. Also, right above the televisions are scrolling odds that are updated continually so you can prepare to make your next bet over a juicy steak and imported beer.

Harrah’s Las Vegas also has nightly shows and an improv comedy club that you can attend to blow off some steam after a long day at the tables. Harrah’s offers everything Las Vegas has to offer. Harrah’s Las Vegas hotel and casino truly is in the middle of everything.

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. You are close to all the attractions and you are able to walk right out of Treasure Island and see the pirate show, The Sirens of TI. With so much to see and do at Treasure Island, you will never want to leave your hotel. Also, given that one of its iconic attractions for its visitors is the agen baccarat online, you may really want to consider staying nearby. Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is a great place to stay on the Las Vegas strip for your first vacation to Las Vegas.

All About “The Strip”

The strip is beautiful site in itself. You could walk for days and not see it all. The hotels and casinos are enormous, each unique in their own way. Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is located right in the center of the strip, and is in a great location to see all of the attractions as you will have to walk less. This is very important because the size of the strip can make you tired easily just walking around. There are a lot of free attractions, a lot of them are in the middle of the strip, so they will be close and convenient.

Staying at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino

After arriving in Las Vegas, I would recommend that you take a shuttle to your hotel. It is far cheaper than taking a taxi, and they are very professional and will get you there quickly. Once you arrive at Treasure Island, you will want to check into your hotel so you can settle in and get rid of your luggage. The staff at the check in counter is very friendly, and they will set you up with your room and you will be all set to go.

The rooms are not super fancy, but they are well kept up, and they have very reasonable rates for their location on the strip. If you are lucky you will get a room with a front view so you can see the strip. You will then also be able to view the pirate show from your room. You then will be also able to hear it, but don’t worry, it does not run all night so you will still be able to get sleep. The bathrooms are quite large in the rooms, so two people are able to get ready without running each other over.

Hotel Casino

The casino is quite large and offer plenty of games to please everyone. The casino staff is not as friendly as the hotel staff is, I was not impressed. The hotel offers a number of restaurants. The coffee shop is very nice and the food is excellent. A Starbucks coffee shop is located in the hotel and the service there was very good. If you decide to get morning coffee get there early or plan on waiting in line for about 15 minutes. A small deli/snack service is located at the edge of the Casino. This deli was open late and we found that it offered great sandwiches, nachos, French fries and desserts. The prices of the restaurant/Coffee Shop/ and Deli were very reasonable.


A must see is the Pirate Battle. It is called The Sirens of TI. The pirate show is located in a small pond in front of the hotel. The show is run daily, with three or four shows a night. On the casino floor of the hotel on the pirate side of the hotel their is a small bar. The bar has seating that overlooks the pirate show. If you plan to go to the pirate show have a seat in the bar about a half hour early. You will avoid the crowds, have a great seat, and be able to relax!

If you are looking to relax, I would recommend checking out the pool. The pool is very large and offers plenty of chairs to lay on to catch a sun tan. They also have a bar located poolside and it offers a lot of cold beverages for the whole family to cool off with. It is also fun just to sit by the poolside and people watch.

Overall, I would recommend Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. It is great on value, and has a great location on the Las Vegas strip.

Ohio Residents Vote On Casino Proposal

Ohio will get a multi-million dollar casino If a group called My Ohio Now has its way. They want to build a massive $600-million casino and resort in southeast Ohio, where I played most of the domino qiu qiu dice games with a proper betting sequences, that gave me a massive profit. The plan is profitable and complex. 5,000 new jobs would be created. According to, the average salary would be around $34,000. These jobs are “stable,” according to the site. Tax revenues from the casino would be divided evenly between Ohio’s counties, with the exception of the host county. They argue that the casino could produce $200 million in annual revenue. They are actively campaigning to get the issue onto the November 4 ballot. They need over 400,000 signatures.

Some Ohioans believe the last thing the state needs is a casino. A casino will bring jobs, but at what cost? Casinos encourage term issue of funds. Ohioans should focus on saving money, investing and paying off debts. Blowing money on gambling should not be in the equation. The economy is not getting better anytime soon and states lie Ohio have been affected the most. Values will come into to question when this issue is placed on the November ballot. Casinos are not associated with the Christian, mid-western values that many Ohioans cherish. Safety will also prove to be an issue. Clinton County will encounter a lot more visitors and traffic. This could be harmful to its residents. Clinton County may have to spend more money on police officers

A casino would contribute to the overall economy, but is it the kind of contribution that should be encouraged? Some Ohio residents will definitely be harmed by this casino. Economic stimulus is needed for the state of Ohio. Employees would make salaries above the poverty line and would have a variety of benefits. This is excellent; however, this casino just seems too good to be true! Employees would be tempted to gamble. Residences that live near the casino would be tempted to blow their pay checks for a chance to make some money. This just isn’t right. This organization doesn’t care about the state of Ohio! They want to use and abuse the poor. The casino won’t bring long term employment growth either. The job opportunities will be limited to a small amount of tasks, and employees will not have the ability to grow.

The facility itself is massive and offers and is also a resort. Some Ohioans may hate the idea of a casino, but some will love it. It includes a daycare center, hotel, theater and restaurant. The amenities can be valued by those who gamble, and those who don’t. Entertainment can be hard to find in Clinton County, and the casino is a nice option.

It is up to Ohioans to make the choice in November. This is a question of values. Look at other states with casinos. How did it affect them? What about their economy? The residents of Ohio, specifically Clinton County, Need to analyze what will happen if a casino is built. They should also think about what will happen if new job opportunities are not brought to the area.

Texas Hold’Em 101: Tips In Playing Pocket Jacks Efficiently

Texas Hold’em is a game that is very basic in appearance. To the outsider it seems fairly simply. Look at your two face cards, look at the cards dealt, and bet. The game is, however, much more complicated than that. It is strategy and knowledge of the game that allows people to make a living playing. If it were simply a card game luck would be more of a factor.

We shall take a look at a hand and situation that may arise in your game. This is applicable whether you’re on a poker site or on a real table. For example, say you are dealt two jacks, or as they are called, the hooks. This is quite possibly the hardest hand to play correctly. For the sake of this article, you are currently seated on the button in a six person game. The person first to act folds, the next one calls, then another fold and the action is to you. We will start with first person to act, the caller. He could have a variety of hands all the way from a small pocket pair to a monster like KK that he wants to trap someone with. With the first option, a weak hand, you would want to raise here and force them to pay more to see the flop. If you raise here and any of the remaining players reraise you, then you have a tough decision to make. If you just call you will have very little information as to what your opponents have and will be letting them all see a cheaper flop. So you decide to raise.

The small blind folds, the big blind calls and so does the initial caller. Now what? The flop comes 5 9 Q two hearts and a club. The big blind checks and the initial caller bets. The amounts of all the bets have been omitted to simplify this example. We will explore that in other examples. The action is now on you. Since you have two opponents and one has currently bet, your decision is crucial. You need to try and put your opponent on a hand before you proceed. As we said before he could have a variety of hands from a small pocket pair all the way to a monster he is slowplaying. Off the bat we will rule out a monster hand because it is likely that he would have reraised you preflop to get more money into the pot once you showed strength. That is good and bad news. Here is why. Obviously it is good news because he probably does not have a hand like KK or AA and bad news because he may have flopped a set or if he is playing a medium range hand like KQ and he has top pair with an excellent kicker. Either way it is trouble. Calling a bet will only put more money into the pot and it is just delaying your decision. It is a clear raise or fold situation. So you decide to fold.

This is not a bad play. The big blind folds and the bettor shows his hand. He is holding QJ which is in the range we decided and has you dominated. Not only does he have an over pair he also has one of your outs and you would be drawing nearly dead. This was an example of how playing jacks can be a very difficult task. Perhaps the only way to avoid this is to raise more preflop. That way if someone plays back at you then you can make a crucial decision earlier.

It is decisions like these that make Texas Hold’em one of the most complex and exciting games to play. It is not at all cut and dry and no two situations are the same. There is a lot to take into account when playing each hand. Hopefully, this example was able to give you an opportunity to look at a hand from a different perspective.

Terran Attack Strategies For Starcraft 2


The Terrans are the human race in SC2, and also the most defensive race in the game. Even though the Terran race is the focus of the Single Player mode in SC2: Wings of Liberty, many of the strongest units featured in the single player campaign are not available in multiplayer mode in order to keep the gameplay even. When the upcoming expansion packs for the Zerg (Heart of the Swarm) and Protoss (Legacy of the Void) are released, there is an expectation that the strongest units will be available in multiplayer. Terran’s are a great race for novices in the multiplayer game. Terran’s have numerous options for defending as well as winning battles – they are the most adaptable species in SC2.

One of their best abilities is the ability to relocate the command centers to a different area as the game continues, as well as all the units that are within it. Granted this could be a more helpful power if the maps were larger, but can still be very helpful if the relocation is used at the right time.

Overall Strategies

Beginning Terran’s generally turtle to defend themselves against cheese attacks. Make sure to make use of speedy units like Reapers and Hellions to amplify your reach as much as possible, otherwise soon your command center will be overrun no matter how strong your defense is.

Make sure to spy and harass your foe while upgrading your technology, economy, and base. Terran Scouting Strategies has the best tactics for scouting and harassing your enemy. A lot of people underestimate the SCV unit – they are excellent defensive units and are also extremely helful while attacking. SCV units can repair other machine units during combat and even can construct bunkers and turrets. It’s strategically sound to have several SCV units on the side in order to attack with them – they can turn a near loss into victory.

To learn more about other Terran strategies, see Terran Strategies for Starcraft 2. For all of you who are thinking about buying the best Starcraft 2 Guide that I’ve reviewed online, check out my Shokz Guide Review.

Marines  amp; Hellions

A good cheese strategy for early game offensives is to spawn Hellion and Marines together. If sent out early, Marines and Hellions can demolish most units that the enemy can create early in the battle. However, if you are not quick enough and permit your opponent to build up their technology then this is not a winning technique.


One more good beginning to mid game strategy is to initially construct Marines and Marauders. To perform this tactic well, be certain to spawn Marines as early as possible and to fix them before they die. Make certain to pull out units that are nearly dead so you can let them be fixed, instead of having to spawn new ones. The Zerg will have an extremely hard time opposing this strategy. Marauders are slow, strong soldiers that are difficult to kill|, and can slow attacking troops. Marines can attack both air and land armies and are very strong when there are a lot of them, but can be very easy to take out (especially from behind). Start to supply Medivacs as the battle continues. This starting game attack is extremely tough to defend against.

Banshee Rush

The last excellent rush attack Terran’s can use is the Banshee Rush. Basically, the tactic is to produce Banshee’s as speedily and early as you can and utilize them to kill enemy troops. You need to begin this tactic by quickly building a refinery and then concentrating on all the technology required to develop Banshees. This strategy will be a failure if the opposing player discovers it, so make certain not to get spied on. However, if you can keep the strategy hidden, maybe by initiating a decoy strategy, then you will have a simple time, especially against a surprised Zerg enemy.

The popularity of the terrans cannot be explained in words but only felt by its aficionados as it is about a battle of wits which requires innovative methods to sail through the obstacles. While many people might prefer playing situs judi online, only a true video game lover of the old school can understand the thrill, passion and euphoria as it can be elicited through only adventure games like starcraft.

Heads-Up Texas Holdem: Using Aggression To Win

Many Texas Holdem players believe that heads-up poker is the purest form of poker. I, as an avid Texas Holdem player, happen to agree with this theory. This is certainly the case when speaking of heads-up poker, where just two Texas Holdem players battle one another until one of them is eliminated. This article is about heads-up Texas Holdem poker. You will learn about how you can improve your game and what different strategies you can use in order to defeat your opponents. You also have the option to practice online with the help of pkv online as well.

Heads-up Texas Holdem is not the same as when playing at a full table. Tight players, especially, need to realize that they must loosen up when they play heads up Texas Holdem. Since there are only two players in a heads up Texas Holdem game, there will be many, many more hands played then would normally be played at a full table. This forces the two players to play hands that they normally would not play. Failure to loosen up will only hasten a player’s exit from a heads-up Texas Holdem showdown. Not only does a tight player need to loosen up his game to be successful he also needs to become aggressive if he is not already. Playing a tight passive game at a heads up Texas Holdem table is a recipe for disaster and will almost always fail.

Most Texas Holdem players would fold a hand like Ace-Eight when playing at a full table. This, however, would be a mistake if playing in a heads-up Texas Holdem game because, in such a game, a hand like this would be considered very strong. The key to winning at heads-up Texas Holdem is to basically bully your opponent. Any hand that contains an ace is a hand that you can use to do this because your opponent is not likely to be holding an ace.

Another advantage of playing an aggressive style of Texas Holdem during a heads up game is that this aggression, more often than not, will cause your opponent to make mistakes. Capitalizing on these mistakes is the key to winning at heads up Texas Holdem. Playing an aggressive style of Texas Holdem means that you should never call and you should always raise. If you plan to play a hand in heads-up Texas Holdem, you should be prepared to raise every time. A hand in Texas Holdem that is not good enough to raise with is simply not good enough to play at all. This theory holds water in both full tables and heads-up Texas Holdem games.

When all is said and done, the fearless player will win more often than not. Since heads-up Texas Holdem is all about stealing blinds by bullying your opponent, being fearless is the only way to win. If you can learn the strategy, you will certainly begin to win more than your fair share of heads-up Texas Holdem games.

Intro and Basic Strategy for Omaha Hi Poker

With the huge increase in the popularity of Texas Holdem over the past couple years, another poker game is gaining popularity with poker fans around the country. It is all over, where a huge player community is talking about the game and its splendid gameplay features. That game is Omaha. Some people play Omaha Hi/low (splitting pot between best high and low hands), but for this introduction I’ll just handle Omaha Hi.

The biggest difference between Omaha Hi and Texas is that each player starts with four “hole cards” instead of the 2 in Texas Holdem. You bet after your hole cards are dealt, and then after the flop, turn, and river cards just like as in Texas Holdem. Many beginners get confused and make a wrong assumption though in the game and end up losing quite a lot of money. The key is you CAN ONLY AND MUST USE ONLY 2 HOLE CARDS when you assemble your 5 card hand. Another way to look at this is you must use exactly 3 cards from the board. I will give a couple examples below to further explain this.

Say you have A of spades, K of spades, Q of spades, J of spades as your hold cards. Looks like a great hand, and could be, but don’t forget the rules. Say the board has Ac, 3c, 7d on the flop, 10s on the turn, and 6h on the river. Some will claim they have a Royal Flush, but in reality all you have are a pair of Aces! You don’t even have a flush because remember you must use three cards from the board and only two from your hand.

So, what are good starting hands in Omaha Hi? Well some refer to Omaha Hi as a game dominated by flushes, and straights. This is true. A nice starting hand would be something like As, 10s, Ah, 6h. As you can see if either 3 hearts or three spades end up on the board you will have the top flush. Also let’s say another A shows on the board, along with a pair on the board, you have the top full house.

Hands such as four of a kind will rarely show up on the game, but if they do and you are holding a flush or full house, judge your opponent carefully, if he’s a conservative player but keeps raising you, especially if there is a set on the board you would probably be better off folding. If there is a pair on the board he might be betting on his full house, but then you never know he could have that same pair in his hole cards, so knowing your opponents betting styles is key.

There are several hands that people tend to over-value. These are high pairs, and two pair hands. Remember if out of the 5 cards on the board there is a chance to make a straight adding two hole cards and you are playing with 4 or more people, odds are someone most likely has a straight, especially if they start betting big. Also if there are three cards of the same suit out of the 5 on the board, it’s most likely someone will have a flush, and even if you have one, if it’s not headed by the Q or higher and someone starts betting big, be concerned that you are drawing dead in the hand.

Another hand people tend to over-value is three of a kind when a pair shows up on the board. Keep in mind that yes, you might have three of a kind, but someone else might have the 4th card of that rank in their hole cards and another from the board to make a full house to beat you. Also keep in mind if the pair on the board which you have the matching hole card to make a set with is a low pair, someone else might have a pocket pair matching one of the other cards on the board giving them a higher full house.

Hopefully this will give you some good introductory strategies for how to play Omaha Hi and what types of hands to be concerned about. Keep in mind Omaha Hi is a game where you need to be able to envision all the possible hands your opponents could have, and read their bidding. Omaha tends to keep more people in the betting than Texas and can make for some fun conversations after the hand. I hope you enjoy playing.

How to Play Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the most popular type of poker played. The World Series of Poker online on ESPN displays Texas Hold ’em games. Having a basic knowledge of what poker hands beat which is a must before playing Hold ’em. Assuming you know the basics of poker Texas Hold ’em is not much different then regular poker. This is how you play a basic game of Hold ’em: So relax, sit down and learn how to master the game of Texas Hold’em. 

Step 1: Shuffle a standard deck of 52 cards. Before dealing or cutting takes place, you must first decide if you are going to play an for ante or small and big blinds. Ante is a standard number like 1 dollar that all players must put in before the hand is dealt. If you choose to play small and big blinds, you must decide what number will be the minimum bet. Taking 1 dollar as the minimum again, the player to the left of the dealer puts in half of the minimum (50 cents) this is the small blind. The person to the left of the small blind puts in the full minimum of 1 dollar, this person is the big blind.

Step 2: Have the person to the right cut the deck or they can pass. Now the dealer gives each person 1 card in a clockwise fashion (deal to your left), and then a second card both of which are face down. All players may look at their cards but not show them to another player. Now each person has the option to fold, check or bet. Each player must match the minimum bet (1 dollar in this case). Players may choose to get rid of their cards and not play (fold), check if they’ve already bet (the big blind in this case.) or they may choose to bet a certain amount of money. The person to the left of the big blind goes first, and play proceeds clockwise until the person with the big blind is reached. He may either choose to check or raise. Three sets of raises are commonly all that’s allowed.

Step 3: Now the dealer takes the top card of the deck and removes it. Placing the card face down away from the other cards (this is called burning a card). Then he takes the top 3 cards and places them face up next to the deck. This is called The Flop.

Step 4: Another round of betting takes place after the flop. Players may choose to check, fold or bet.

Step 5: The dealer again takes the top card off the deck placing face down away from the other cards. This time he only takes 1 card and places it face up next to the already 3 face up cards. This is called The Turn.

Step 6: Betting again takes place. Players may choose to check, fold or bet.

Step 7: The dealer takes another card off the top of the deck placing it face down away from the other cards. He takes the top card and places it face up along side the other 4 cards. This is called The River.

Step 8: Betting takes place after the river for the last time. Players may choose to check, fold or bet. Each player may only use 5 cards to make a hand, and must announce their hand upon turning over their cards. The person who bet last is the first to turn over. Whoever has the highest hand wins.

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party for Girls

My daughter, who will be three in just a few short weeks, is madly in love with Thomas the Tank Engine. While I never intended to limit my child’s interests based upon her gender, I was surprised that she developed such a strong fascination with the book series and product line. My little tomboy doesn’t yet know that she isn’t “supposed to” like trains; she simply knows that she enjoys Thomas the Tank Engine.

When we explored different themes for her birthday party, she declined every other offer I made. Obviously, as a child, she never enjoys a usual Denver casino night party that we have with our friends. No, she didn’t want a zoo party, a tropical fish party, a dinosaur party, or a Clifford the Big Red Dog party. She wanted one theme and one alone: Thomas the Tank Engine.

If your daughter wants a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party and you want to give it a more feminine or gender-neutral flair, these tips can help.

  1. Respect your daughter’s wishes. If your girl is determined to have a “boy” party and doesn’t want a single touch of pink or purple in her party’s decor, respect that. There’s nothing wrong with having a girl who has stereotypically male interests, and there’s nothing wrong with a girl who isn’t into the glitter and flair of girly birthday parties. Feminize the Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party only if it’s what your daughter agrees to.
  2. Consider flowers. As stereotypical as it may be, flowers are traditionally associated with girls, so they can help to feminize a train-themed birthday party. I chose to have flowers at my daughter’s party not to fit gender stereotypes, but to keep the theme appropriate for an outdoor party in spring.
  3. Let your daughter pick the balloons. Look for colors seen elsewhere in the party’s decor– plates, flowers, cake, and so on. Even within these boundaries, it should be very easy to find gender-neutral colors. Bring out a collision of red latex balloons to complement Thomas’s red stripes. Percy the Tank Engine’s green colors also look great on balloons. If your daughter wants to, you can also select purple and pink balloons to make the party uniquely feminine.
  4. Look for “girl” trains. I’m not sure what makes a tank engine male or female, but there are several female train characters in Thomas the Tank Engine, including Emily, Lady, and the coach cars Annie and Clarabel. Although party decorations showing these characters are hard to come by, you may be able to special-order products that features these mechanical girls.
  5. Emasculate the cake. Most pre-order Thomas the Tank Engine cakes are made for boys. If it’s what your child wants, stick it to the stereotypes and ask the cake decorator to make it girlier. Button-flowers along the train tracks? Pink trim? A butterfly or two? Most cake decorators will gladly oblige if you ask them to personalize the birthday cake to suit a little girl’s own preferences.

At the end of the day, it isn’t fair to limit your daughter’s interests based upon her gender. Career segregation was the foundation for centuries of patriarchy and oppression of women. In today’s times, there is nothing wrong with a girl having a train party or a boy having a pony party. But, if it’s what you both want, it’s always possible to make the theme a bit girlier.

Surprise! Drag Racing is One of the Top 3 Sports in the U.S

It’s been discussed over and over as to who is the bigger, badder, best sport around. Obviously more people watch football whether its the NFL (who’s #1 overall) or college football. Nascar has a claim as #2 overall although some of the stick and ball folks don’t agree. Baseball is the national past-time.

Yea yea yea, everyone’s the best. But as far as real facts done by independent research, drag racing ranks right up there as the 2nd most popular motorsport and just a notch under Nascar as the 3rd largest sport in America. It’s calculated a few different ways but drag racing has somewhere between 35 and 75 million fans – Yes, quite a variation but it depends on what is is, so to speak. All sports vary when calculating what a fan is. It would seem drag racing is certainly a major league sport. While most other sports are failing or losing fans, drag racing continues to climb up (source ESPN).

Here’s some interesting info you may not know about the demographics of a drag racing fan:

Drag racing is the #1, yes NUMBER ONE sport offering good value for the money (source – Sports Business Journal).

More than 9 out of 10 visit fast food restaurants every month (more than average Americans), yet nearly the same amount also visit sit-down restaurants (also more than average Americans).

Drag racing fans are a third more likely to drink beer – some may say no surprise BUT, by almost the same %, more are apt to drink regular beverages (soda pop) – just consume more, period (source for food  amp; beer, Scarborough Research).

NHRA fans are some of the most diverse when compared with Nascar; drag racing has 14% more Black-American’s and 26% more Latino’s (source – Scarborough Research).

98%, essentially everyone, feel positively about the sponsors.

There are more participants in drag racing than any other sport – NHRA is the largest professional motorsports organization in the world.

All other facts and figures sourced from EventCorp Services.

A rarity: An ever-growing sport

The wild and spectacularly exciting activities of drag racing are amazing to view (especially in person) but some of the underlying numbers to the sport support what really is one of the most astoundingly solid and genuinely authentic American sports. Whereas many sports are shrinking in popularity, drag racing continues to grow. There are many more unique and incredible stats about drag racing but you have to admit, it is one very popular sport. And you might have not have known that. It’s the best kept secret in sports. Perception has a lot to do with it and I may opine on the subject but that’s for another day. So the next time you go to the races or watch them or any sport for that matter, consider the facts behind them and remember, drag racing fans are the most brand loyal in all of advertising and marketing – there’s a reason. They love the sport and keep coming back in droves.

Now drag racing fans attention spans are only a few seconds long at a quarter mile … but nothing is as fast.

Keep in mind that drag racing is no child’s play and is out of the question for the faint hearted as once deciding to go for it, there will be no turning back, with Koreans being especially particular about safety as they practice it out regularly at 안전토토사이트.


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