Playing Pocket Jacks Properly for your Advantage in Poker Gaming

Playing Pocket Jacks Properly for your Advantage in Poker Gaming

Playing pocket Jacks correctly is difficult. That’s why many people don’t, and then they get mad at whatever poker site they lose on blaming the site for their ignorant playing style. Little did they know that Judi Online Terpercaya and other poker sites offer fair-gaming platform for everybody.

Lets say that there are six people at the table. The first two after the big blind fold. You are next and you see that you have JJ in the hole (thats in your hand for the beginners). What do you do? lets look at all your options. You could:

1. Go all in and get it over with.

2. Just call the big blind and hope to “trap” somebody.

3. Make a value bet (thats double the big blind) just to add something to the pot.

4. Make a large bet (Four times the big blind or more)

5. You could fold, because the stress is just too much. (not recommended)

Now we all know that proper hand play is based in large part on the situation that you are in. So lets go back to our first situation. You have three players to act after you and two of them are the blinds.

Option 1: This is far too extreme for this situation, assuming that you have a reasonable chip stack compared to the blinds. I only recommend that play if you have 5 times the big blind or less. The downfalls to this play are as follows. First you have lost all control for the future of this hand. The second downfall is that there are too many players getting ready to act after you. You need to learn a little about your opponents hand before making that kind of play.

Option 2: This option isn’t a horrible one. It lets you see what your opponents do before commiting a large number of chips. You may also get to see a cheap flop, and determine with more accuracy whether or not you have the best hand. For example if an A, K or Q come down on the flop, then you may well not have the best hand at the table. The problem with this play is that it will be difficult to get the other players to put more chips into the pot after the flop comes down if they havent made a strong hand. Thereby lowering your profits for the hand.

Option 3: This option is a pretty strong option in my opinion. It sets the pace for the rest of the hand and allows you to have control of the table. If anyone calls you then you get to see an inexpensive flop while still having a worthwhile pot. By the same token if anyone raises you should probably call, but you will have a stronger feel for what their cards are post flop. Avoid Raising wars, just get a worthwhile pot before the flop comes down. The only downfall to this option is if someone goes all in (or equivilant to you) over the top of you. It may still work if you wanna call, but honestly you can’t hope for better than 50%-50% odds at that point.

Option 4: This option is very similar to the one above except for the fact that you have increased the size of the pot, and have increased your risk if someone goes over the top of you in a big way. You should also have the best possible feel for what your opponents hold by their reaction to this. I would still strongly avoid raising wars if I were you. At least pre flop. If you are lucky enough to catch a Jack on the flop then do whatever it takes to put them all in, the pot odds will almost always be with you.

Option 5: Come on people. If you lean towards this option than you shouldn’t be at a poker table at all. You should go run yourself a nice relaxing bubble bath, and play some zen music. Then if your lucky you might survive the rest of the day.

Now it should go without saying that all of this depends on your situation, and the people your are playing against. With a little work you be able to best determine which of these options is best for the situation you are in the next time JJ comes up in your hand. Hopefully this insight will give you something you haven’t thought of before or at least help you think about all of the options open to you. Luck has a short attention span, but skill will last a lifetime.


Seth is a professional blogger and is a Poker enthusiast. He wants to share his wisdom with other poker players to help them improve their game. He also loves to write about art and technology as well.

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