Poker: Turning Play Money into a Real Money Bankroll

Poker: Turning Play Money into a Real Money Bankroll

Turning your play money into real cash at Https://

Just log into your poker program and go to the Cashier Tab. Then hit the Comp Points Tab. This will bring up your user webpage. There you will find out how many Comp Points you have and whether or not you have qualified for the really generous player freerolls. Purchase a Play Money Funstep #1 coupon and wait for the pop screen up to tell you you have been awarded a coupon. Then go to the Tournament registration page in your poker client.

On the Sit and go tab hit the buy-in amount tab twice to sort the tournaments by the entry fee. Now you will have FUNSTEP#1 at the top. Click on register and you are in. They update regularly and fill up quickly so don’t give up you will get in. As soon as your tournament starts to go back to the play money page and buy another coupon. You can do this over and over don’t worry about going play money broke. Once you have spent your play money balance just go back to the Cashier Tab and click on balances. On the bottom right you will see a button that says “Top UP” click this and your account is credited 500 in play money. Hint: You can only use this button once a day. Wait until you are Play Money Broke to Top Up


  1. Never ever call an all in the first hand unless you have AA or KK. At least two ding dongs do this every tourney. It is free after all.
  1. Play your game and don’t get upset over bad beats. Poker .com lets you take notes on these players and trust me they play the same way with real money.
  1. Once you start winning coupons to FUNSTEP2 you only have a week to use them. Try playing late at night to avoid the bingo players.
  1. FUNSTEP3 is usually the toughest to win. These players have won 2 SNGs to get here. Most of them are solid players. Play solid poker.

  1. Rinse and repeat until your bankroll is big enough to take to the cash games.

For more detail and step by step instructions with pictures visit

Hopes this helps and have fun.


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