Sony’s Psp: All In The Name Of Serious Fun

Sony’s Psp: All In The Name Of Serious Fun

In the car, on the couch, in between breaks, when waiting, or even when walking, people can’t just seem to help them selves from touching the latest gadget from Sony ┬¿C the Portable Play Station. The compact gadget packs more than just a past time of games, but a whole lot of other features as well. So what made the PSP an all in one gadget? Here are the things you just have to love about it.

Reason #1 is, of course, the games! Sony has captured the all time favorite games like Bomber Man ¨C and only better. Under its belt is a wide array of at least 350 titles with better graphics and sound effects than its predecessors and other games that are continuously developed.

Reason #2 is because it’s just like having the previous Play Station consoles with you, but only this time without the trouble of having to set up, connect it to a television and a power outlet and getting all the controllers and wires out. In this compact design, all you have to do is make sure your battery is charged, press the power button and load your game.

Reason #3 is the videos. If you want to take a break from your games, you can watch a movie or a television show instead. It does take space in your memory card, but you just have to erase it and download a new one.

Reason #4 is music. The PSP supports MPZ3, MP4, ATRAC3+, WAV, and WMA sound formats for that music marathon. This gadget sure delivers crisp sound and good quality of the tracks. Internet radio is also a feature of your handy PSP, you’re your music cravings are sure to be satiated.

Reason #5 is the ability to share photos to other friends through its Wi-Fi technology and also create a slideshow of your pictures.

With the rise of wide variety of games such as QQ online games and others, it is no longer a question why different modern technologies are being created and developed. In the case of Sony’s PSP, it is expected to develop even further providing great features and amazing gaming experience to its users and gamers.

And since we are already on the subject of wireless technology, reason #6 is its broad network features. Challenging other gamers with PSP systems is easier and made possible, so are other features such as online gaming and web browsing. You can also get updated with blogs, newsfeeds and podcasts with your PSP. Connecting with your friends via Skype is a downloadable feature that makes the PSP revolutionary. Wi-Fi connection, enhancements, firmware and a Memory Stick Duo are all you need to keep up with your friends anywhere.

Lastly, the seventh reason is the ability to personalize your gaming and entertainment needs is the availability of the PSP in different colors. From black to white, and almost every color in between, each individual can match the PSP to their personality.

The introductory price of this baby was quite high, although nowadays they are made more affordable in the market. The PSP can help waiting time pass by or entertain oneself. And if entertainment is not enough, Sony has given it features to make it useful in terms of communication, a good way of keeping up with the latest of the latest. Keeping this around makes you say goodbye to boredom.


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