Surprise! Drag Racing is One of the Top 3 Sports in the U.S

Surprise! Drag Racing is One of the Top 3 Sports in the U.S

It’s been discussed over and over as to who is the bigger, badder, best sport around. Obviously more people watch football whether its the NFL (who’s #1 overall) or college football. Nascar has a claim as #2 overall although some of the stick and ball folks don’t agree. Baseball is the national past-time.

Yea yea yea, everyone’s the best. But as far as real facts done by independent research, drag racing ranks right up there as the 2nd most popular motorsport and just a notch under Nascar as the 3rd largest sport in America. It’s calculated a few different ways but drag racing has somewhere between 35 and 75 million fans – Yes, quite a variation but it depends on what is is, so to speak. All sports vary when calculating what a fan is. It would seem drag racing is certainly a major league sport. While most other sports are failing or losing fans, drag racing continues to climb up (source ESPN).

Here’s some interesting info you may not know about the demographics of a drag racing fan:

Drag racing is the #1, yes NUMBER ONE sport offering good value for the money (source – Sports Business Journal).

More than 9 out of 10 visit fast food restaurants every month (more than average Americans), yet nearly the same amount also visit sit-down restaurants (also more than average Americans).

Drag racing fans are a third more likely to drink beer – some may say no surprise BUT, by almost the same %, more are apt to drink regular beverages (soda pop) – just consume more, period (source for food  amp; beer, Scarborough Research).

NHRA fans are some of the most diverse when compared with Nascar; drag racing has 14% more Black-American’s and 26% more Latino’s (source – Scarborough Research).

98%, essentially everyone, feel positively about the sponsors.

There are more participants in drag racing than any other sport – NHRA is the largest professional motorsports organization in the world.

All other facts and figures sourced from EventCorp Services.

A rarity: An ever-growing sport

The wild and spectacularly exciting activities of drag racing are amazing to view (especially in person) but some of the underlying numbers to the sport support what really is one of the most astoundingly solid and genuinely authentic American sports. Whereas many sports are shrinking in popularity, drag racing continues to grow. There are many more unique and incredible stats about drag racing but you have to admit, it is one very popular sport. And you might have not have known that. It’s the best kept secret in sports. Perception has a lot to do with it and I may opine on the subject but that’s for another day. So the next time you go to the races or watch them or any sport for that matter, consider the facts behind them and remember, drag racing fans are the most brand loyal in all of advertising and marketing – there’s a reason. They love the sport and keep coming back in droves.

Now drag racing fans attention spans are only a few seconds long at a quarter mile … but nothing is as fast.

Keep in mind that drag racing is no child’s play and is out of the question for the faint hearted as once deciding to go for it, there will be no turning back, with Koreans being especially particular about safety as they practice it out regularly at 안전토토사이트.


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