What a Poker Party!

What a Poker Party!

What day is it? It is Friday night and the gangs due over in a few hours for that traditional poker game. So, why not do something crazy? “Today,” you say to yourself, “I am going to have a poker party!”

So, you rummage through anything you can find in your home and in your refrigerator. After going over what you do have, you decide to make a list and go for a run to the store. The question is, what do you need for a poker party?

You already know your motivation of the party, poker. A poker party should have a poker table stocked with poker chips and a deck of cards.

Party Poker Appetizer and Drinks Table

One thing that every poker party needs is a poker table top. This is going to be your drinks bar and your food stand.

For your poker table, by a large piece of green crafting felt. If you want your table to be eight foot by four, then make sure that your piece of craft felt is that big plus an additional inch on every side.

Once home with your green crafting felt, cut a piece of ply wood to the size table top that you want. Remember that the green crafting felt must go over the edges of your poker party table top by one inch on all sides. Now make a one inch diagonal slit in all four corners.

Now glue the green crafting felt to your ply wood using tacky glue or a hot glue gun. When gluing down the green crafting felt, make sure that you still have one inch over hang on all four sides. Once the top is glued down, glue the one inch over hang down for the sides. Let your poker party table top sit for a little while to dry.

Once dry, use a black and red permanent marker to draw on your dealers spot. Perhaps you would like to draw a few cards here and there along the outside edge of your poker party table top.

What To Serve Your Guest?

Now that your poker party table top is made, the next question comes to mind, what to serve your guest to eat and drink? Given that people usually gather in the late evening hours to play a round of poker, a big meal is probably not what you would want to serve your guest. Instead, for your poker party, you should serve your guest pretzels and peanuts. Here is an ideal for dishes to serve your poker party food in, use red, plastic, disposable cups.

Next, grab a cookie sheet, cut a piece of poster board to fit tightly in the bottom of the cookie pan. Once your poster board is cut to the right size, use your permanent markers to draw the ace of hearts on it. Once your large ace of hearts card is done, place it back into the bottom of the cookie sheet. Cut up some summer sausage into circles, and place on top of your home made card. When your poker party guest begin to eat the summer sausage, they will reveal the ace of hearts design on your home made card.

As with any party, your guest are bound to get thirsty. Make a punch mixture of one 2 litter of sprite, and one gallon of red punch. To add a touch of color to your poker party punch, add in a few scoops of green ice-cream.

Decking Your Walls

Use your poster board and cut out a few large playing cards. Once you have your cards cuts out, use your red and black permanent marker to draw on the aces of a deck. Place your home made cards around on your walls. To add a touch of creativeness to your poker party, use tacky glue or a hot glue gun to glue the bottom left hand corner of the cards together to imitate a hand of cards.

For Fun

For an extra spin on your poker party, make some medium sized cards out of your poster board. Find an old bucket around your home, clean it up, and play bucket toss with your home made cards.

For another twist to your poker party, go online and gather facts about the deck of cards. From your research, formulate a list of questions. Give all your guest a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Ask them your list of questions and have them write their answers down. When they are done, tell your guest the correct answers, and give a prize to the guest who answers the most questions right.

Be sure to always great your poker party guest with a friendly smile, and make sure you see them off when they leave. If you feel that your poker party could use some improving, place an old shoe box with some note cards and a pen somewhere in the party room for guest to leave you their suggestions.

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